7 comments on “Siam’s Big Day

  1. I had my pet cat spayed too & my friends were wondering why I did that to my cat. Aside from the above reasons you mentioned, altering (spaying/neutering) your pets also make them a lot more affectionate & they eat well. I remember my cat barely eating anything when she’s in heat & her loud calls were not just disruptive, but I sense the pain in her voice when she’s calling out for a mate.

    It’s been a week since she was spayed & she’s doing great. Sabi nila mas maselan ang na-spay kasi syempre internal yung operation. We were anxious at first because we’re all working & it’s only my mom left at home & it’s like extra work for her to tend to a recuperating animal. But it’s really worth it to have your pets altered. I’m sure if you have lovable pets like Chico’s you’d enjoy their affection most of all, & trust me, you’re gonna love them more.

  2. Hay thank you at may kakampi naman pala ako! I have two shih tzus, a 4-month old male and 3-month old female and I seriously want to have them spayed/neutered. My Pops think its sayang sa breed but helloooo, they are not the ones who will suffer. I’m thinking of secretly doing the deed when my dogs are nearing their big day. 😀

  3. Hi guys,
    I have a 2 month old Male Shih Tzu.. I am thinking of having him spayed with he reaches the right time.. I would like to know How much could this cost me?

    Thank you & more power! 🙂

  4. @Ac: It depends on the clinic rates. The vet clinic near my place charges less for male pets. Di ko sure yung presyo sa dogs, though. When my cat was spayed, I paid P1.5k for the surgery, P100 for the antibiotic, P100+ for the vitamins & less than P100 for betadine (to clean the wound). If you’re going to confine your pet to the clinic post-surgery (this is advisable if in case no one at home will be able to tend to a recuperating pet), clinics have special rates on a per day basis for confinement.

    I’d like to recommend CARA Welfare Phils (http://www.caraphil.org/). They have budget-friendly neutering/spaying fees. They do a short interview of the pet owners & answer whatever questions you may have on the procedure.

  5. hi chicco I love your baby. Im a veterinarian. Anyway, chicco where can I download your March 28, 2011 the Morning Rush episode?

  6. Its been really a problem, the over population punta ka sa kartimar andming pets na nalipasan na ng panahon :(((

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