11 comments on “The Top Ten Planet Earth Resolutions

  1. #31, the earth is a closed system, go figure. its not fair to conclude that fat people make the state of the earth worse!

  2. I fully support #14. It’s quite ridiculous why we always shop with plastic. Imagine it. Everyday in SM, a customer buys groceries that amount to 8 plastic bags. Assuming there are 1500 Shoppers per day, that’s 12000 Plastic bags. Multiply it by a year and that’s 4,380,000 Plastic bags.

    The SM staff says, it’s for “security purposes”, that the purchased items be in SM plastic bags. I honestly don’t understand how this contributes to security. Don’t they have scanners at the entrance and exit of the shopping centers, that beep when someone tries to shoplift? Or do these scanners not work at all?

  3. i suggest the use of sacheted products be stopped. kalat lang yun. diba mas napapamahal pa pag ang ginamit ay naka-sachet? oh, and let’s support eat bulaga’s plastic ni juan project.ü and if i ever become the president, there would be a no private cars day. kahit yung mga lumalangoy na sa pera sa sobrang yaman have to take public transpo. less traffic, less pollution.

    • Errm, I’ll have to disagree here, because public transportation actually causes most of the traffic, since most (if not all) of these drivers do not uphold traffic rules.

      • Yes most PUJ drivers need to go back to driving school because they lack the knowledge of proper traffic rules but that is not the point of the previous comment. Discovery Channel actually applauded the jeepney as a good model for environmentally friendly transportation. A no private vehicle day is actually a good idea. Too idealistic… but still!

    • i do not think our public transport system (in its current state) will be able to handle this. no private cars day would just be ‘everyone is late for work’ day. A better and more feasible alternative would be ‘carpool to work’ day – baby steps. 🙂

      • public transportation really helps as long as they dont belch out dark smoke like many vehicles her do.

  4. i have to disagree with #20. facts be told, responsible mining in southern palawan really exist. Rio Tuba Nickel & Berong Nickel mines are very committed with protecting the environment, even when they do what they do (which is to mine) & they provide livelihood for the people living there. how will i know? coz i work in a mining company. please don’t be so biased with regards to mining. because the quote “IF IT CAN’T BE GROWN, THEN IT HAS TO BE MINED” is TRUE. first we must stop using, then we will stop mining. everything that you use & you have, all of it came from mining.

    so please don’t be so narrow minded where mining is concerned. pls know the facts first before getting so opinionated bout it.

    thanks. still chico, you’re my idol. =)

  5. #8 I purchased shells dito sa mga malls sa manila, pag summer season lang naman, i am taking them to my vacation sa beach for some shell photoshoot then after ng shoot, binabalik ko na sila sa dagat =)

  6. my finnish ex left me one important thing: use less plastic: if u can put it in ur bag or just carry it, dont take the plastic bag anymore. he found small plastic bags from pharmacy really ridiculous. ive passed his idea to my friends and family. some stores i frequent already know that i dont want my stuff in plastic bags. one time in 7-11, when i said not to put my purchase in a plastic bag, the cashier told me “thank u for saving the environment.”

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