9 comments on “Earthquake! Praning Much? Zen Fail. Epic Nervyooz!

  1. its crazy thinking about it. lalo na sa mga recent na nangyayari sa ating dear planet earth. scary…whatever will be will be.

    lets all just pray and try in our little ways to alleviate the causes of our planets destruction.

  2. It’s high time that we become more aware of the right things to do during quakes. The local gov’t units should now disseminate crucial to do’s when tremors happen especially to the children and elderly. Ora et labora: pray and work.. Let’s all stay safe.

  3. I think it’s a wake-up call for every human being on this planet. We are way too involved with out materialistic selves for a long while now. Even wars are conflict of HUMAN interests. What about our Mother Earth, you know? She’s being neglected dearly.

    I have a solid theory on this but will not expound further as it is religion-based. And yes, it’s about The Judgment Day.

    Sorry to panic you even more. =)

  4. After all these earthquakes and volcano eruptions in the east rim of the ring of fire (NZ, Japan, Indonesia) I was kinda’ expecting something similar *knock on wood* [hopefully something with less intensity]… sorry to panic you even more.

    I’m a survival-buff/disaster-paranoid too so I always bring the ff with me: lighter, swiss knife, whistle and a bottle of water.

  5. hah! Hindi ka nagiisa chico. I found out last night that where I live and work are both part of the trench that if ever a big earthquake will occur within this week as they say we are next, I don’t think we can survive. tsk!

  6. US Geographical Survey website is interesting. It lists all detected quakes on a specific area somewhat real time.

    They can also send emails regarding them or sms after doing some setting up.

    Through the USGS website, I found out that even before the 3-11-11 8.9 quake, there are numerous foreshocks recorded as early as 3-9-11 with magniude of 7.2

    I have a post on my blog regarding this if interested. Or better yet, visit http://www.usgs.gov for more accurate data.

  7. Im more scared bout what you & Delle talked about the other day that the Earth is trying to fix herself & by doing so rid of everything that is unnecessary. Im hoping that we could all get through this & pray that we wont be part of the ‘unnecessaries’

  8. I remember the 1990 quake! My crazy, panicked brain was making me choose between being crushed by the UP-CMC building or being buried in the ground should it break open. I’m as praning as you are. Earthquake=One of my greatest fears…

  9. Sorry to add to the distress, but for me, these things clearly are signs. not to sound too religious, but the bible is kinda precise regarding these things. Its hard to say that the bible stated these things just by mere chance.

    Lets just brave ourselves for “the big one”, but trust God, He’s way way way bigger. =)

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