16 comments on “The Black Plague

  1. The first time I heard Friday, I was blown away! Blown away by the video, blown away by the girl at 1:11 and blown away by the lyrics how Saturday comes after Friday and how Sunday comes after Saturday.

    Kidding aside, I hope that she will have a normal life after all of this.

  2. zo! when is ze zinger zongwriter going to have hiz firzt muzic video?????? it’z gonna be badazz!!!!

  3. at may bago na kong LSS… “Ching Chong… My head is spinning…. Ling long… Ting tong…”

    Honga naman Chix, kelan na ang debut ng muzic video ni Zinger Zongwriter. I’m sure the video will go viral as well, maging bacterial at fungal na rin! LOL!

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  5. Am I so out of loop or am I just too busy with other relatively more important things? Di ako maka relate, even dun sa mga comments nyo ni D about Black kanina sa show. Haha.

    In fairness, cute si Rebecca Black, parang Indian Julie Vega. The voice, though, parang Indian Miley Cyrus. =)

  6. Naku! Anong klaseng mga artists yan? Marinig lang nila ang boses ni THE ZINGER e mapipilitan silang tanggalin ang videos nila sa youtube.. Haha!!

    Actually, subukan mo kaya Sir Chico na i-upload yung songs mo sa Youtube, baka umabot ka ring N Million views…yey!!

  7. rebecca black’s friday vid reminds me of HIMYM’s Robin teen vidz..lol!

    GOODNESS GRACIOUS GREAT BALLS OF FIRE..cant get the ching chong song out of my head..much like when i got LSS with the zinger zong writer’s pepper crusher song!!! XD

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