6 comments on “Ultimate Loyalty

  1. hahaha yan din chico ang post ko ngayon…nice… kakahanga ang mga aso, kaya naman dog lover talaga ako…

    Maiba lang, maise-share akong video syo, Baby Scared When Mom Blows Her Nose (Too Cute) , here’s the link…

  2. Saw this video in yahoo yesterday and was really touched by it.

    I do get what you mean Chico! I too am a dog lover and I truly appreciate how happy my dogs are to see me every single time, with no fail. I agree that dogs are so uncomplicated (at least, to my mind) unlike humans.

    And I get relief from stress (work, environment, what have you) everytime I’m around my dogs. So I do miss them a lot now that I live in the US (they live with my parents in Manila).

  3. i was deeply touched when i saw the video.

    growing up, we never fail to have dogs in our household. now that my brother have kids of his own, it looked like the kids have already started to bond with choco and panda(with her pups).

    when dad had a heart attack and while everyone’s at the hospital looking after him, i was left at home with the dogs and i must say helped me(and the rest of the fam) overcome stress from that situation. i always talked to them and they never fail to give us that assuring look that everything will be fine.

  4. I am not much of dog lover, not because I don’t want to, but because I am one of the people that have not been blessed health-wise to maintain friendships of the furry kind. Any kind of pets we have, I can only be their cook/feeder and nothing more.

    Anwyay, I hope you really find solace in these trying times, C. Godspeed. =)

  5. I have a boss who feels the same way about his dog, Jake. He is a divorced attorney. It is not like he is not handsome because every woman who is single in our office seems to have crush on him. He told me before that he won’t go after any of them because he mentioned that something inside snapped and he is done trusting women. He loves his dog, however.

    I get it now. I am a dog lover myself. My pretty girl Luna is sitting right beside me as I write this sentence. But, I haven’t given up hope with people. And in any rate, if I so happen to get to that place on where you are at right now, I would be happy running around naked with you in the forest, acting like a dog. Which, we both know it is a great compliment. ;D

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