19 comments on “The Top Ten Craziest Theories For The “BIG REVEAL”

  1. I like number 25! i don’t remember hearing #1 – that was so close! Anyway, Congrats, Del! i know she’ll be a good mom 🙂 Ninong Chico naman will spoil Del’s kid!

  2. I am sorry for this delayed reaction. Was hoping I would be able to hear the Big Reveal but I had to get off from my car by 8 am for a conference call last Friday. So when I listened to Gino and Fran later that day and caught Fran’s comment that Del would be a Dela Mama more questions came to mind. Is Del adopting or finally decided to have a donor? Anyways, whatever it is your listeners are happy and my 14 year old daughter kept asking the gender already :). Chico – do take care of Del now.

  3. I really thought that no.7 is the “big reveal”! LOL! Please post the song that you specifically wrote for the Big Reveal (with lyrics, of course!) and when you release that song I’m pretty sure it will be number 1 in itunes beating out Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and others.

  4. Uhuhuy I made it to no.25! Thank you for this fans, lol, pansin ko lang mas marami nagexpect na concerned kay Chico ang #BigReveal siya kasi una nilagnat e, hehe

    • this is so funny. yep, i like 7 though i got stucked with 19. what if nga naman.

      though congrats delamomma. everyone knows you’ll be a great mom… and ninong zinger-zongwriter will be the best ninonggodfather one can ever have. 😀

      -tapos di pala kinuhang ninong? xD

  5. yes, please post the song. my officemate kept telling me about it. so sad i missed it. and if you have a picture of the cake. please post that too!

  6. wow. number 15 yung sa akin 🙂 bakit kaya bigla kong na-remember yung he says/she says ni chico and delle noon? sana ma-revive especially now that chico and delle have both evolved. zinger-zongwriter na si chico. si delle naman, dela-mama na 🙂

  7. oh pano chico, kelan ka naman? @chico, ikaw na ang maging greatest zinger-zongwriter, basta si delle magiging hot mama na! yahu!

  8. This is kinda super late na pero share ko lang. I just told my mom kanina that delle is pregnant and she reacted, “talaga? si chico ang ama?” and I was like, “noooo!”
    Anyhow, congrats delle! 😀

  9. wow, finally nalaman ko rin ang big reveal. Congrats Del!
    Panalo ang mga entries, lalo na yun no.25 🙂

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