21 comments on “The Male Segment Of The Male Population, Averaged

    • it creeps the h*ll out of me too. they’re all good looking but it scares me, it felt like they’re some kind of mutated flesh eating creatures like from the movie resident evil. #iwatchtoomuchfiction

  1. hmm,i just wonder why the filipino/filipina pictures were both similing, while the averaged male version was not?

  2. This is really amazing. I wonder what the average baby face would look like. Or the average gay face :] Funny though, but this really awed me. What program was used here?

  3. Apparently, the picked the not-so-ugly ones.

    Makes me wonder what if all ugly people in the world combined, how would they look like?

  4. @sadakups Yes. And it says AVERAGE. Lol. What more would it look like if it’s above average. Let’s combine all the faces in Hollywood and name it Baby Holly. Lol. 🙂

  5. the first guy, kinda look like someone I know! I’m relieved to know I don’t look like the average filipino bwahaha!

  6. hmm. yung first pic mukhang anak ni jennylyn at ni rainier. tas yung last pic parang si miriam quiambao na hindi sumikat kaya hindi nagbloom ang beauty.
    creepy, though. kasi if you stare at each picture for a long time, parang nagiiba itsura nila. u can almost expect them to move.

  7. it’s creepy because you know these faces were just made out of random faces, and it doesn’t really exist. or does it?

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