14 comments on “Sold Out!

  1. i didn’t notice that the last picture was edited :-j looked like the original photo. haha! i haven’t bought my own copy yet. i hope they still sell copies somewhere liblib. :\ pirated copy, perhaps? :))

  2. Chico, if you do a promo on TMR and the prize will be a copy of this issue, I think it will be just as highly contested as the Taylor Swift Concert Tickets or the NetPad tomorrow…:D

  3. would posing for peta in the nude be next on your to-do list of more animal stuff? i cant wait for that one, it that would be the case. haha! good job chico!

  4. Wow this is great! I want a copy too! Is it possible to order a copy and just have it shipped out to my address?

    Also… to all dog lovers, please join our advocacy in fighting illegal dog meat trade here in the Philippines. Animal Kingdom Foundation has a dog haven in Tarlac for rescued slaughter-bound dogs. AKF helps plot buy-bust operations, raids, and arrests on those cruel dog meat traders. Please visit the Animal Kingdom Foundation’s website and blogs to increase awareness:


    Thank you and God bless! 🙂

  5. Hi,Chico!

    I’ve been wanting to get in touch with you and Del for the longest time.
    Am a huge fan. 🙂 Am now with SM Dept. STore and I am wondering if we can
    do a project together. My number is 0917-8090074. Hope you can give me a text so we can discuss the project in detail. 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon. Take care!


    p.s. thank you for making drive time really enjoyable! you and del really make me laugh. 🙂

  6. there’s still a copy of the magazine @ national bookstore located at petron gasoline station along makati ave. sa may tapat ng pacific star. I saw it this morning when I bought some school supplies.

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