61 comments on “The Reviews Have Come Out!

  1. hahaha chico! you are hilarious! gosh.. i have a playlist in my ipod that has all you songs! ringtone ko na nga ung naughty monkey.. ok lang b? hahaha.. can you upload more zongs pls?! nakakawala ng stress.. haha

  2. You’re so kalog talaga. Sobrang tinopak ako the whole day nung rinelease mo songs mo kasi di ako nakapag t. swift. pero you were a better show. hahahaha. more zongs please. πŸ™‚

  3. I love you Chico and all, but HAHAHAHA come on ! Just kidding. Anyway, I can’t seem to find a player for .aif filetypes. 😦

  4. Alarm tone ko na ang “Lambing ng Kambing” para magising ako agad sa inis. Hahaha! On a serious note, animal rights’ advocates would love “Lambing ng Kambing” for sure πŸ˜€ keep up the craziness!

    “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” β€” Alice Kingsley, Alice in Wonderland

  5. IKAW NA, CHICO! IKAW NA!! ahehehe

    May Pahabol…

    Congrats! – Pres. Obama
    Mainam to sa pagbabago ng imahe ng Pilipinas – PNoy
    Salamat at nagbigay ka ng karangalan sa bansa – MPacquiao
    May Asim Pa! – Aling Dionisia

  6. hahahahaha..panalo chico!!IKAW NA!!wla ng pwedeng mang agaw ng korona m..when will you release your Music video??..lalo na yung lambing ng kambing video..cant wait to see it..

  7. hahaha!!! the best.. — BEATLES?? WHO??!! I heard the toyo song..kaloka.. kpag tinotoyo ka nga nman.. sayang i hadn’t had the chance to listen to u guys today..late akong nagising.. i missed some of your zongs today..

    Keep it up!!

  8. hahaha.. at this point, with chico’s use of “the secret”, he might actually land great reviews from them. that would be the day! :))

  9. more! more! naku, if lady gaga is a movement, chico garcia just determined the fate of music history…. world domination! hahaha

  10. this self-righteous post puts a huge smile on my face… haha..

    so john lloyd ka na ngayon??? kala ko ba piolo look-alike ka??? hehe.

  11. chico, ka-zound mo daw zi Lil Wayne…auto na auto ang tune. nyaha! kaiba ka talagang nilalang…favorite na comedian ko ay si Chico Garzia! tuwa ko sa Bulgar review sau! haha

  12. What to say, what to say…

    Love you CG! Luuuurrrrvvveee you to pieces.

    I will bet my husband’s whole month salary that Ryan Murphy will be calling you anytime soon, if he hasn’t yet!



    PS. Any advice on the aif files? I have a trial run for a converter, but only converts half the songs. Even VLC doesn’t put out. =(

    Ok, will ask my techie husband now.

  13. chico you’re so funny! the past few days in our office ay isang malaking laughing trip w/ myself!!! heheehehe… i remember your zong one tym in tmr, please formalize ur single w/ it. i forgot the title…

    im sad, because you left me
    or rather u never had me…

    im really sad… uhuhuhu…

    please??? hehehehe… more power to your new gig!!!

  14. hail chico garcia!

    i swear, kumakawala ang tawa ko even as i cover my mouth to stifle it. you’re CRAZY, and we love it.

    please upload the NEKNEK song please? πŸ™‚

  15. hindi ako magatataka kung i guest ka ni ellen degeneres sa show nya as one of the new artist of the year.^^

  16. oo nga, BEATLES WHO?!!! hahahaha!

    if i’ll have my take on this, i’ll say, “nobody since Yoko Ono has “disrupted” the music industry like Chico Garcia.”

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