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  2. will buy the CD na lang. Ang toxic mag download. Launch it na…with TV guestings to promote your album…which means you have to compose more para sulit…

  3. Seriously if you ever release these I will buy it!! Just made my day! Thanks for putting a smile on my face after a very stressful day! MORE!! MORE!!

  4. Hi Chico!Can u share d app u used 4 Lambing ng Kambing?Is it ok?What iPhone app is it?I’ll use it making chants for my studs here in Japan. Thanks a lot. πŸ˜‰

  5. this definitely made my day! thanks so much, mr. zinger/zongwriter. hope you make more songs like this! very inspirational…. weheheh!

  6. Chico you are a musical prodigy a genius if I may add. Im sure we will see ‘Lambing ng kambing’ on Billboards Hot 100. Ang galing mo, ibang level ka na.

  7. My fave is pepper crusher. Hilarious!

    Chico, u should put up a contest for the best music video. Contestants should upload the videos in youtube. Who knows, you’ll be the next Charice. Lol!

  8. oh my gulays, chico.. nung isang araw ko pa hinihintay na iupload mo yung mga zongzzz mo πŸ™‚


  9. i must say, if u ever get kulonged, sasama kami sayo, tas tatalunin naten yung mga dancing inmates sa kasikatan!

  10. lol I couldn’t stop laughing at Naughty Monkey. Did this get aired? I think I missed it. you convert aif to mp3 using your iTunes, btw.

  11. Sana wag mo ko idemanda kung gawin kong ringtones to! NAKAKA-LSS ahahaha (favorite ko ang naught monkey!!!)

  12. grabe talaga ang takbo ng utak mo chico! ang galing!!! really love the toyo song. =) please, please share the app that you used for this one. thanks!

  13. Warning: Do not listen to these songs while driving 60kph.

    I swear I couldn’t see the road because I was laughing so hard when Chico played some of the songs earlier on the show.

  14. hey chico u can convert ur files to mp3 tru Any Audio Converter, u can download it for free.
    And may i ask what is the name of the application that ur using to create this awesome songs? =)

  15. Praise.. Praise.. Praise the strange fruit named chico..

    Kailangan kong makauwi ng maaga para maka dl nito.. Mahirap ng mawalan ng ganitong klaseng “HITS” .

    Chico you’re the BeZZ Zinger-Zongwriter ever!!! Pak! πŸ˜€

  16. Nagbibigay ka pa lang introduction sa radio program niyo, naiiyak na ako sa kakatawa.
    At binabasa ko pa lang yung blog entry mo, parang naririnig ko na ang mga songs mo… naloloka ako! =))

    Pero, MORE!! MORE!! hahaha

  17. COOL!!! awesome!! it’s very entertaining..
    everytime i hear your songs CHICO it brings smile to my face.. that’s why i decided to download it and gawing message tone sa CP ko..


  18. hahahaha! my wife, mommyfreelancer and I looks forward to hearing your singles at tmr… nice music… no comment on the lyrics and the voice… what app is this? i wanna try!

  19. I was just wondering when the song “Gusto ko toyo” will be uploaded. That’s my favorite! I laughed till my tummy hurt while waiting for my prof.

  20. Grabe ka Chico. Delle should be worried nga kasi either mawawalan na s’ya ng partner da’l magiging singer ka na or iba-ban na kayo sa radio waves!Hehehe. But you are hilarious and fun-ny with your song compositions lalo. Kalurky!

    Should I ask for more? Kahit naman hindi na kami humiling I’m sure magre-release ka pa rin… hahaha!

  21. Sa wakas available na! Pigil na pigil ang tawa ko sa jeep everytime na mag-pplay ka ng song mo. uRe da beZ cHicO zE zOngwRiter! Hahahahaha. MORE!

  22. That laughter at the end of the pepper crusher, wihnurrrr!!! even if i just play it in my head, para akong kinikiliti, zuhper funny!!!

  23. how you recorded these songs and not laugh while singing them is a huge accomplishment. kudos! i love ‘dangerous’ — pretty deep song! πŸ˜›

  24. OMG! You uploaded your songs! I’m sooooo happy!

    No, seriously, Chico, I love your Pepper Crusher song. Please compose some more! (Please apologize to Delle as well, but I’m one of your growing number of fans!)

  25. just heard the “WIWI” song earlier, due to insistent public demand.. i-petition na ang concert ni Chico sa Big Dome. nako, ubusan ng tix un tiyak! my ultimate favorite is the Naughty Monkey. πŸ™‚

  26. This is HIGH-larious Chico, this made my day. :)) I’m pretty sure you will crush Britney’s HIAM or GaGa’s BTW in the charts in no time! Way to go!

    Just a thought, why don’t you upload your tracks on Soundcloud.com as to keep track how many people would download your “symphonic jewels”. Should you need to upload tracks and you’d want to put them on your blog, that’s the easiest way to do it.


  27. nice songs Chico! My hubby loved it too especially the Naughty Monkey! Mabentang-mabenta sa kanya. This would be a great ring tone! Pero mas winner siguro kung Ringback diba?!? I’ll use this as my alarm clock tone, para sa pag-gising namin sa morning tuwang-tuwa na kami. =D

  28. hi mr. zico garzia the famous zinger-zongwriter! πŸ™‚ love love the zongz! πŸ˜› di ko sya malagay sa ipod ko. pwede bang requet to mp3 format πŸ™‚ thank you and sana ma upload na rin gutokotoyo! πŸ˜›

  29. you’re the best chico… i love them all esp lambing ng kambing and pepper crusher “it’s not really so ispaysi” (^___^) … so when will be the release of the next single? i can’t wait

  30. Double Platinum na kaagad nito… Pero where’s the song Ayoko ng Toyo? Gusto ko Vinegar? I LOOOVEEEE that song!

  31. Zinger Zong writer!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE practice!!! just kidding Chico!!! the most important thing is that you “entertain” us listeners πŸ™‚ Can you greet me on monday??? and my girl friend Mairel Escalante πŸ™‚ Been listening to you guys for 4 years now. You guys got me hooked. I am downloading your podcasts everyday, because I can’t catch you live as I was assigned in Naga, CamSur 😦 More power and congrats Mama Delamar!

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