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  1. I know how you feel Chico. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. 😦 Naiyak ako while reading this. What you said was true. We brace ourselves for the death of our parents, not our siblings. It’s a different kind of pain. Indescribable.

  2. she has lived her life to the fullest and with a loving family and brother like you, she is very happy where she is now.

    just like life, everything is temporary, even pain. condolences my friend.

  3. i heard you this morning and it must have been difficult doing your job while going through some personal turmoil. my thoughts and prayers are with you as well as your whole family.

  4. condolences, chico. you got one more direct line to heaven now. your recovery from the loss will be in my prayers.

    “saying goodbye is the best way to say I love you”. true that.

  5. I’m an avid follower of your blogs and checked it daily from the past few days. I noticed, bakit kaya walang update si DJ Chico? Now I know why. I felt sad when I read this and we do hope you recover soon. We would like to see the original glow of Chico Garcia as much as your sister would love to see it. Hang on to life, and enjoy it to the fullest. Be strong, man.

  6. this blog has never failed to entertain me during my long hours at work. imagine my chagrin when i saw that nothing new was posted. when i saw this entry, i felt like i had to apologize for being unreasonably demanding. although we don’t know each other personally, i am deeply saddened for you and your family’s loss. i have never lost someone that dear to me and i can only imagine the pain that you’re feeling. i know no words will come close to easing the pain and loneliness but i do hope you remain as strong and as cheerful as you are. your sister’s passing may have taken her away from you physically, but i have no doubt that she will always be with you, in your heart, wherever you go. my deepest condolences.

  7. condolences chico. i know how it feels to lose a sibling but one thing for sure, she is better where she is now. my prayers are with you and with your whole family.

  8. Chico. My sincerest condolence to you and your family. I agree with everything you said. I actually just lost my beloved grandmother last Tuesday (February 15). The funeral is on Saturday and on Feb 28 – she would have celebrated her 91st birthday. She lived a long life and she seems to have died a peaceful death. Last month when we brought her to the hospital – we all said that we were ready – whatever happens. She was still able to come home from that confinement – but a month after – here we are – we were supposed to be ready – but her death still brings pain.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your sister’s passing, Chico. It’s never easy to deal with loss. I can understand what you mean when you said you never prepared for a sibling’s loss. It’s something that doesn’t really cross our minds because we never really think that someone our generation could go first than the ones ahead of us. My prayers to you and your family.

  10. My sincere condolences Chico. I can really feel what you’re feeling coz I just lost my mom last January 25 and we’re still trying to recover up until now. It’s really hard to lose a person who’s very dear to you. But you can also think of it this way… your Ate Poy lived a life well spent. A life with purpose.

  11. My condolences. I’ve never lost anyone in my family, but I dread even just the thought of it. I feel for your loss, and I pray that you and your family will be given strength to surpass this.

  12. my deepest condolences, chico.
    mas lalo kitang naging idol now that i know why you weren’t on air for 3 days then you went back just the same, makulit. and i know you’re doing that for us, listeners. thank you!

    (btw, i like your song compositions. simple and funny ung lyrics. LOL.)

  13. hi, chico, condolences to you and your family. i know nothing can ease the pain that you and your family is feeling right now. i’ll include you in my prayers, that God will give you strength to overcome this sadness.

  14. My deepest condolences, Chico. My prayers go out to you and your whole family, especially your Mom and your sister’s family of creation. No parent should outlive their child, but that’s not how life is. And I should know how to lose a Mother. No words can describe it, and that hollow place in your heart will never be filled ever again.

    God bless you.


  15. condolences, chico. i too am a regular when it comes to this blog so when you were awol, i was thinking something big must have happened. i too, suffered a loss due to cancer. pat z. was a student of mine and you know that with cancer,at the back of your mind, thinks will definitely turn from bad to worse (pessimist, i am). but even with that thought, i was devastated when he died. but i am comforted with the thought that the grace of his illness was that it sort of gave us a heads up, reminding us to treat each day with him as a blessing form the big guy, unlike a sudden death due to accident na sobrang walang warning. anyways, i am rambling here so hang in there….prayers, talking helps, but allow yourself a moment or two pa din to mourn…

  16. was also wondering why there were no posts for the past few days. my 4-year old daughter who rides with me to work (i drop her off at daycare), asked why it was gino and fran on air. she wanted chico and delamar. so now i know too. you made me laugh this morning on my way to work, and you made me cry while reading about your ate poy. condolences to you and your family.

  17. My sincere condolences to you & your family Chico, its really hard to let go of the people we love but I hope you could take comfort in the promise God gave us that someday we would all meet again & have a grand reunion in His presence.

  18. it’s painful to read this blog. i lost an aunt,too, last wednesday, due to undeniably inexplicable disease ~cancer. Saw this somewhere and I thought I could share it with you:

    “God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered “come to me.” With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hardworking hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best.”

    ..my deepest sympathies, chico… *hugs*

  19. I understand your pain Chico. We just lost one family member yesterday…my most loving, giving, and understanding aunt left us to be with the Lord and we feel the unfathomable grief and indescribable pain and sorrow that you are also experiencing right now. According to Kubler-Ross, there are 5 stages of grief, I guess right now we are at the acceptance phase. It’s hard to deal with it especially seeing the person in a coma, struggling to keep her heart beating, waiting for death to creep in and you…you can’t do anything but to watch her almost lifeless form deteriorate like rotten fruit..wishing you can just jump in and revive her but knowing that aggressive measures would only prolong her agony. True when you said that we never own them in the 1st place and you cannot lose what you do not own…but there’s still this pang of resentment that we cannot run away to, we cannot hide and we cannot keep inside..like a ticking time bomb exploding in all it’s glory….my deepest condolence to you and your family. I pray that we find comfort in the idea that they are in a better place now where no one will ever feel pain. God Bless

  20. My deepest sympathy and condolences. No words could ever ever comfort you or your family at this times. What we could offer is that I’ll be including your sister, you and your family in our prayers. God bless.

  21. i know, no words can ease the pain your heart is suffering right now. Just want you to know that we, your listeners, will always be here for you… You’ve always been there to cheer us up every morning.. I hope, in our own little ways, we can also do the same for you.

    “God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind. When you don’t understand, when you can’t see His plan, when you can’t trace His hand, TRUST HIS HEART”

  22. condolences to you and your family chico..i lost my brother too last july and until now I dont know how to move on..but let’s us always remember that at least they will not feel the pain anymore..they are happy now looking at us from above…

  23. condolences chino… My tito/called him tatay died 3 yrs ago..but the memories are still fresh.. im crying while typing this.. I miss him so much.. but I know he is in much more comftable and peaceful place now.. as well as ur sister..

    Nasa heaven na silang 2..nakikinig ng RX!!

  24. My condolences to you, your Mom, Freddie and Fides.
    What a shock. I’m Chito’s friend. Thru him I know your family.

  25. chico condelence.. i lost my father 3 years ago.. until now i’m still telling stories about him to my frends as if he is still alive.. sometimes i forget that his gone, coz i always think that he’s there in the philippines..

  26. Your piece moved me to tears, Chico. Normally, I wouldn’t go about commenting like this. But I know your pain. And I know there could be nothing more comforting than the prayers and sympathy of others at a time like this. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

    Also, this random passage from the Bible helped me through that difficult time: “To the faithful, oh Lord, death is not the end of life, but merely a continuation of it.”

    May perpetual light shine upon her, and may she rest in peace.

    God bless you and your family, Chico.

  27. Hi, Chico. I’m a listener of your show and a reader, and I admire the strength that you bear in your heart while enduring the tough time in your personal life. You’re able to pull off a good and funny show every morning, despite the major setbacks that’re happening. Sending my condolences to you and your family on this tragic loss. And more power to TMR and the C&D tandem.

  28. Hi.

    We don’t know each other but I’d like you to know that you’re not alone in your sadness. There are people like me, complete strangers, that empathize/sympathize with you.

    Just hang in there.

  29. Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences, Chico.
    May you and your family feel God’s love and comfort as you go through this very difficult moment in your lives.

  30. my condolences chico. i know how you must feel. we also lost my sister-in-law to cancer last january 21st. she was diagnosed of cervical cancer january of 2010 and exactly a year later she passed away. she was closest to my wife so my wife cried all the time that her sister felt the pain. we were all grateful when she peacefully passed on, at least her sufferings have ended as well. i will include your sister poy in my prayers.

  31. Who would have thought something like this happened to you just recently? I was listening to your show and you were the same funny and happy guy like you are everyday and there was no clue that there is something you are going through right now. My condolences to you and your family.

  32. My condolences chico…

    I feel for you. I also lost my Mom to cancer, same as Ate Poy. Pitong taon na ang nakalilipas mula nun pero i still weep kahit sa mga simpleng bagay lang na nakapagpapaalala sa kanya sa akin. I miss her so very much.

    Sana magkita sila ni Mama ko sa heaven.

    Regards to your family…


  33. I am experiencing so much stress before I read this. And I want to thank you.

    I just cried, released all emotions.

    I condole with you and your family Chico. Everything has their own good purpose. Let us just hope that your sister is now happy and contented wherever she may be.

  34. Condolence to you and your family.Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.

  35. i feel for you chico
    i, too, lost my sister to leukemia 11 year ago
    i actually made a comment on your old post about this
    anyway, just be strong and keep your faith
    everything has a reason
    we might not know it at first but sooner or later it will be revealed to us
    take care and condolences

  36. nakikiramay ako sayo, chico. lalong lalo na to your Mom. stay strong. i love your spirit talaga. it’s hard to have that strength at these times. u really do have a strong family with you. and with that I thank the universe for giving u 1. dahil kahit ala kaming gustong dumamay sayo, buto kayong family. Salamat sa iyong Ate Poy. alam ko, isa sya sa mga humubog sa yo…Salamat sa kanya and RIP, ate Poy.

  37. my husband and i would like to extend our deepest condolences. will pray for the eternal repose of her soul. God bless.

  38. My deepest condolences for your loss. I can symphatize with the feeling of loss and resentment as well as the wish for their suffering to end. My grandfather passed away two years ago but not before surviving a stroke. It paralyzed him on his right side and I could tell that he was in some form of pain. When he did left us, I was quite sad but took comfort to know that he was in a better place as he was free from his suffering.

    I’m an avid fan of your blog but always stayed silent, content in listening to you every morning and reading your work at night. However, I feel compelled to comment on this entry.

    This entry brought tears to my eyes as I had the chance to meet your sister in 2007. I was a student at that time and I had one class under her. I’ll never forget that hers was one that I enjoyed and will now, never forget. She was one of the most kind hearted professors I ever had. I would see her from time to time in hallways and she would always greet me and smile at me even if I was no longer her student. I remeber her smile and the picture you posted remids me of that.

    Thank you for posting this. It helps me reconcile with the fact she’s gone as I was unable to go to her requiem mass. I only learned of her passing Wednesday night.

    Thank you, Chico.

    Take care and God bless.

  39. hi chico my deepest sympathy…it only shows that no matter what there have been GOD knows when is the time to be with HIM…(she looks very much like u)

  40. I cannot express enough empathy with what you you and your family are going through. I cried with your post, which I think, is one of your most beautifully written entries as it was done with overflowing love.

    I remembered my cousin who was suddenly taken away from us four years ago by a tragic accident in the US. We begged our uncle just for him to bring my cousin’s body home just so could grieve on his side.

    It has been four years and I cannot say that the pain is gone. We merely learned to live through it. So be prepared Chico. There will be more tears coming as the days pass by and you need more strength to celebrate each happy occasion without her.

    I pray for your sister’s peace and your family’s courage. Be glad that your sister is now healed because has no more pains nor sickness.

    Godbless Chico and I miss listening to you in the morning.

  41. My deepest and sincerest condolences to you and your family. I was the one who went to your station last Dec. 24, 2010 and gave you and Delamar the Mango Floats. I told you about how I lost my Dad last year and how I overcame the emotions by listening to The Morning Rush. Yes, there are no words to describe the pain that you feel in losing someone, let alone 2 persons already. I feel the pain, Chico. We both do. I wish there are words available in my mind right now, so that I may release it and make you feel better. But honestly, I pray for her and for your family in these times. Hang in there, Chico. You’ll make it through! We love you and pray for you always!

  42. Dear Chico,

    I would just like to say thank you for sharing us this chapter of your life. I know how hard it is to translate the pain and grief into words ‘coz I tried writing something like this after my second son died minutes after I gave birth to him…on my birthday, and you know what, I just cried everytime I start a sentence. i never got to finish it.

    Reading these words somehow tells me, “yeah. this was how I felt.” And yeah, I have to accept that my son was just an angel lent to me by God, to dwell in my womb for 5 months… to teach me things a mother should know.

    We love you, Chico. Our prayers go out to you and your family.

  43. condolence chico. So that is why you sound kinda off last few days. I could even swear some of your jokes were a over the top. From what little i understand about you, i even told my wife that i think you’re having trouble with your lovelife. Anyways, just goes to show that like every one of us, our favorite radio personality is as human as everybody else. I’m sure Ate Poy’s a very nice person, for undoubtedly you have reflected her to us through your personality. So shhhhhhh, let her sleep for a while.

  44. chico, u take ‘the show must go on’ in a whole new level. You dish out jokes and witty lines and your funny songs like you are the same chico that u are when ur ate poy was here; like u are still whole. I sense some sadness in Del, though, being one of ur closest friends. Like she’s walking on tiptoe. I never appreciated how important we rushers are to u until now, when u r besieged with so much sadness yet u go on air as chico-our funny man. My deepest condolences.

  45. condolences chico.. may nangyari na dn sa amin na ganyan situation sobrang hirap tanggapin nung una pero kailangan kasi ganon tlga ang buhay dba..

  46. My heart goes out for you Chico. No words I could possibly say that could help ease the pain of losing a loved one. Cry if you want to. Don’t hold it in. Find comfort that she is now at peace and the memories she left behind were all happy and good.

    My condolences to you and your family.

  47. my condolences chico I feel for you it is really hard to lose someone we really love but its better to let them go than see them suffer…

  48. my condolences to you and your family…my twin sister passed away last year and its really hard..our only consolation is that we know that she’s in a better place now and that she’s not in pain anymore..

    we’ll pray for your sister. stay strong and keep the faith

  49. condolence ….

    Smile, though your heart is aching
    Smile, even though it’s breaking
    When there are clouds in the sky
    You’ll get by…
    If you smile
    With your fear and sorrow
    Smile and maybe tomorrow
    You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you’ll just…
    smile …

  50. “Anyone who’s ever lost someone so dear will agree when I say that no word fits what gnaws in my heart each time I realize that I’ll never see her again.”

    This is very true. My condolences, Chico.

  51. Hi Chico, thank you for this piece. Just beautiful. I just lost my father a month ago and what you wrote is entirely true. I don’t think there could ever be a time when the pain of knowing that i would never see him again would be gone.

  52. My condolences chico and to your family…i don’t know how it truly feels like but i can feel how difficult it was for you and yet you’re still able to make your listeners happy everyday…I wish u well. Your ate poy will surely be looking after you everyday of your life. Thank you and God bless.

  53. condolences and prayers for you and your family, Chico.
    i was particularly touched by your blog because we just lost a family member to cancer a few days ago as well.
    i know nothing can give comfort to a grieving heart, but i hope you know that your sister is now in a peaceful place, free from pain and suffering. and she is now looking over you and your family..

    God Bless, Chico.

  54. hi..i know telling you that everything will be okay is not enough…because getting over your feeling of grief is not that easy…i was teary eyed after reading your blog..but then i think God gave her an extension…just like what you’ve said..she was at her best after the cancer right?? so i think God gave you enough time to really enjoy your time with her…it’s just that maybe it really is her time…she will be okay there there will be no more pain to hurt her…condolences to you and to your family….

  55. My condolences to you and to your family…I know how hard it is losing someone you really love.You are in our prayers.

  56. Sending out my condolences to you and your family. Yours is a very touching article which made me remember the time when I lost my father. I pray that you and your family gain strength during these times and that you find peace in knowing that where she is now, there is no more suffering. God bless!

  57. Condolence Chico, our prayers for you and your family. If you do subscribe to this belief but just think that your sis and Dad are now together watching over you, you’re Mom and siblings. God bless you…

  58. I thought my parents were immortal. Now, I fear the loss of a sibling…another loved one. I don’t know how I’d take it as much as I would bargain myself to be taken first it doesn’t work that way. Thank you for sharing your sister, Poy, with us. May the blessings be.

  59. condolence, chico. your courage is admirable. hope you will continue bringing that ray of light to your avid listeners (like me).

  60. my deepest condolences, chico. i can feel the pain that you went through and trying to overcome until now. it reminded me of the pain i had when my dad left us (without me beside him). My prayers to you and your family. God bless!

  61. my family’s deepest condolences to you on your ate’s passing away. May God bless her soul. We are great fans of yours and the kids were wondering where you went during your TMR absence.

  62. I empathize with you Chico. Just like you, I lost a loved one- my Dad only last Feb 10 battling Bladder Cancer for almost 3 years. It is very true that we tried accepting the fact that he’s gone and at peace now, it is still a bitter pill to swallow realizing that he will not be physically with us anymore.

    God loves my Dad and your Ate Poy as He warmly embraced them in His arms sooner than us.

    Sorry for your loss.

  63. ^-^ hugsssss . . . nice pic of ate poy , her eyes were smiling. “Everything will gonna be alright , chico “.

  64. Chico. Your words moved me. I can’t say how much. I lost my mother to cancer too. And it’s the most painful thing. Some nights I find myself questioning why. Why God had to take her away, why she had to leave me. Sometimes I would feel mad. But it’s just like you said. — “Asking her to stay is for our sake. Letting her go is for hers.”
    You truly are an inspiration, Chico. Thank you. God bless.

  65. OMG! Sister mo pala siya. She was my psych prof sa Diliman and one of my favorites. I’m sure wherever she is now, she’s happy.

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