32 comments on “Chris Medina

  1. this so far is one of my favorites from among all your blog entries. i can feel your empathy pouring out from your heart. watching his audition made me cry too and just like you, we all yearn for a love so pure and unadulterated and unconditional.

    thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. i hope you have found that kind of love that goes beyond passion and romance.

  2. while watching this episode of AI yesterday (reruns) i can’t help but remember my former collage professor who went through something almost the same. he was suppose to marry his gf but before they got married she got into an accident that left her in a wheelchair. despite every thing that happened he still chose to marry her despite the fact that he knows she’ll forever need special attention and they may even never have a baby of their own. hayz…. true love.

  3. I watched this AI episode in the office. I really tried hard to hold myself from crying, but well… I failed. Cris’ story made me feel I’m really blessed and all. And I agree with you, Chico. This story will also stick with me, maybe forever.

  4. I’ve seen this video three times and it gets me each time. you couldn’t have said it any better. thanks for making my day with these words.

  5. bookmarked! i think everybody should bookmark this. and i can tell you’re really in love hehe un nman talaga ang wish nating lahat, to grow old with someone. sana isa nga tayo sa mga mapapalad na un.

    thanks for sharing this. tulad sa mga kwela mong posts, tulo na naman ang uhog ko! 😀

  6. Thanks for sharing this one Chico ~ grabe, I was reading your post I got teary eyed, when I’ve watched the video – napahagulgol ako. It struck a chord right there. 🙂

    I truly hope that he’ll make it ~ and once he’s there, I hope he wouldn’t forget about her.

  7. how do you measure commitment? this story is bigger than what love is – if one can give meaning to it. chris may not be my favorite person, but man, he is my idol. and chico you do well by posting this.

  8. hey this is awesome.. it’s really nice na may nag eexist pa pala n ganyan.. well, it’s mahirap but through thick ang thin talaga sila.. i like this post, really 🙂 idol chico, thanks for posting this 🙂

  9. wow chico! i cried watching it when it first aired and got teary eyed again just reading your blog. fantastic writing. this is the blog entry of the year so far! 🙂

  10. it took a while before i could pull myself together after watching this segment. i cried even more when steven tyler whispered to the girl that the reason chris sings so well is because he’s singing for her 😦

    “You can tell it hit a raw nerve. It’s the aspect of love at it’s most unattractive, but at the same time it’s love at it’s most unadulterated.” – love this thought! so true.

  11. it’s like you somehow put in words what us mere mortals can only feel. well said chico. im sure to go back to this post again and again, if only to remind myself the value of unconditional love.

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