7 comments on “The Top Ten Reasons Why Pinoys Make The Best Lovers

  1. I dislike how some (emphasis on some.) Filipinos see their spouses as bank accounts. They just ask for money, then make tantrums when they don’t get it. They also tend to boast to others (and in the worst case scenario, act slutty… It makes me cringe when I see them.)

    So yes, what I don’t like about Filipinos as lovers, is they tend to be lazy and make a lot of drama (which I blame on the t.v. for having 80% Drama)

    But what I like about them is they can be really romantic and know a lot of cheesy lines.

    • Oh and at #22, we don’t smell neutral. We’re just immune to it. If you go outside of the country and back, you’ll notice we have a smell too. I can’t really describe how we smell though…

  2. …pag pinawisan anghit hahaha tawang tawa.
    …malaki nga di naman matigas hahaha tawang tawa again!
    Bakit parang may bahid ng katotohanan? ;o)

  3. Pag pinawisan ANGHIT…
    Malaki nga di naman matigas…
    -ay! bakit bigla akong natawa? hahaha? medyo…totoo??? HAHAHA

  4. what i liked about foreigners is that they are independent and practical.

    about hairy stuff, uy may pinoy na hairy ah ehehe well basically i don’t like chest hair and back hair. unless u’r from scandinavia, sa sobrang blonde ng hair e di na halata so okay lang hahaha

    ang ayaw ko lang naman kasi sa pinoy e ung drama. pero ngayon la naman kami drama ng bf ko kaya masaya hehe

  5. @ Bombai – Magaling ang Pinay kasi sanay sa WIWI lang ang pahinga. Or in some cases, DIGHAY lang ang pahinga. – or, WIWI na nga lang ang pahinga, may boso pa! =p

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