32 comments on “Health Worker Demonstrates Safe Sex

    • Boss! First to comment talaga ah? LOL! actually yun din naisip ko while watching the video. parang chewing gum lang! effortless si Ma’am! hahaha… 😀

      Chico, nice post! 😀

  1. Haha! Super funny!!!! Katawa pa yung nasa background, after the “presentation” sabi pa nya “o bongga!’ wahaha

  2. galing! galing! gnun pla dpat pra di mpansin..! hehe! kaloka!?! akla ko dumikit na s pustiso ni ma’am.. nhirapan kc cya ilabas..

  3. grabe ang galing ni ma’am! lmfao. but i’m wondering, isn’t the spermicide inside the condom harmful if ingested? i hope not! nevertheless, cheers again to ma’am exhibitionist! yeah! 🙂

  4. Several years ago, I was part of this NGO who works with sex workers to help stop the spread of HIV. I remember that all if us HIV/AIDS Counselors were thought to learn how to put condom using our mouth. Regardless, whether men or women, young or old. We did this so in turn we can teach the sex workers to do it also.

  5. wakanambits! (pugad baboy)

    sumamabits! (sza sza saturna)

    hanep hahahahahaha its 5 am here in the office and am laughing my heart out,,,

    nice post 😀

    buwahahahahahahaha XD

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