10 comments on “My Jumbo Poodle

  1. Oh no! Haha your doggy is soooo cute Chico! I have a beagle. He’s 1 and a half now, and he weighs like 15 KILOS. And he’s not fat either, it’s all muscle and a tiny bit of fat, but man can he make your knees buckle when you pick him up! Hehe =D good luck with your extra large toy poodle!

  2. i find it cute and bizarre at the same time, that your toy poodles’ color changed from gray to beige(i guess)?! i have two poodles as well, one is white and one is black that turned to a gray-ish color when she grew older…hehe

  3. i actually saw you & delle & another cute guy with siam a couple weeks ago. it’s not that big but very cute nonetheless! 🙂

  4. Mine’s a half-breed…half dog, half pig. Seriously, I know she’s a beagle-black lab mix, but she behaves like a dog half the time, and like a pig the other half of the time.

  5. whoa! siam’s grown big! i thought this one’s a different dog at first, cause i remember the picture you have posted a few months back that he’s gray. pinakita ko sa officemate ko, bat daw naiba yung kulay. sabi ko baka napaliguan lang? hahaha!

    he’s cute nonetheless =)

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