14 comments on “The Top Ten Unusual Ways To Mend A Broken Heart

  1. Nung nangyari sa kin ito a few years ago, I went directly to the church near Rob Galle. I talked to Him.

    And in case na mangyari ito ulit (na never nang mangyayari =) ) i’d do a lot of driving and road trips. kahit mag-isa lang.

  2. When this happened to me, i kept a diary that is addressed to him. I wrote everything I wanted to say to him; unexpressed feelings and pains. I wrote whenever I missed him, whenever I think of a funny thought that I want to share with him or whenever something came up that reminded me of him. I wrote as if we are just sitting and I am talking to him as if we are still together. I wrote to him how I was coping up slowly.I wrote until such time that I no longer feel the need to write him anymore. 🙂

    • Aaawww…This is exactly the same thing I did to get over my ex. He got married four months after he suddenly stopped communicating with me. He was overseas. Everytime I felt sad, or everytime my current beau and I had heated arguments and I cry, I wrote on the diary (with his “foreword” written on the first page) my ex- gave me before he left for the States. I did this from the time we broke-up in 2006 until late last year, when I finally surrendered running after thoughts of him. I always knew he was “the one who got away,” until I learned to accept the fact that he can and will never be mine, given our status in our respective lives.
      Last month, I decided to end all my wishful thinking and concentrate on accepting what (or who) I am blessed with. I shall burn the diary before my wedding day.

  3. when i went through a rough break up, i’d go from makati to quezon city after work just to see a friend of mine and we’d talk until about 2AM,come home at 3am. and then at 7am, i’d be back in the office… i also started backreading all of chico’s blogs from july 2010-november 2007 and it REALLLY HELPED.. all of chico’s humor and all the top ten relieved me and made me realize that simple happiness is all around.

    thanks chico!

  4. I drank 2 san mig lights every night before going to bed to help me sleep.sometimes i took neozep para antukin or a mild sleeping pill.i watched romantic movies in room with the lights off and cried and cried and cried.i would feel better afterwards.

  5. i watched romantic love stories with the lights off and cried and cried and cried.every night so i could sleep i drank beer and listened to love songs while crying my heart out.

  6. stop listening love songs, what i do is i keep myself very busy from work and gym.. Anyways i always got a hard break up every 3m0s.

  7. i remember a friend who, after a break up, would repeatedly watch sad movies until no tears would come out…

  8. My bf of almost 5 years just broke up with me today. What i did was i ate chicken meal with rice plus 1 double down and a large softdrinks! Though nakakaumay, i felt better after.

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