46 comments on “Close Your Apps!

  1. in addition to closing the apps, if you have lots of downloaded apps, you can also “compartmentalize” them according to category: games, utilities, social networking, etc. just press and hold the icon until the icons start to shake and an ‘x’ appear. you can drag the icon over another app and it creates a “subfolder” which you can combine with other apps. if you have several screens/pages of apps on your home screen, just drag and hold at the edge of the left screen, until it goes back to the page with your subfolders.

    btw, fruit ninja tayo! hahaha.

  2. I had the same problem with my blackberry. i didn’t realise i’m closing my apps (specifically games) the wrong way. last friday, it was stuck on splash screen (where service provider’s logo is showing) and i was ready to reset my fone (even downloaded softwares). turns out, i can put it in safe mode first and check what’s wrong. Started deleting some of my games, soft reset my bb, and it worked perfectly after.

  3. In addition, not closing your apps drains the battery because they’re still running in the background. When the battery gets drained, the phone may crash and lose all its data. So when the battery is already in the red, be sure to plug it in.

  4. OMG!!! I never knew this until now! i was shocked to find out that i have TONS of apps still running, apps that i haven’t used for months now! i guess i was just lucky my iPhone didn’t crash, i’ve been using it since october. thanks for the info Chico, it was really helpful.

  5. actually this is really annoying for iphone. Running apps means it is still eating up RAM which makes the iphone slower. This is really noticeable with older version of iphone because iphone 4 already have a large RAM but still.. it is not infinite. Closing your apps would definitely let your iphone breathe and perform better. 🙂

  6. I suppose this is brought about by the multi-tasking feature included in IOS4. Prior to this iOS, apps running on the background is not possible (based on my experience with my iPod Touch). This also applies to iPads. Learned about this when a “device running on low memory” warning flashed on the screen and realized all my “closed” apps were still running.

  7. Maybe that’s the reason why my phone’s battery has a shorter life. Last month I was billed by Globe by a whopping 6500 pesos just because the internet was up without my knowledge. Went to globe to have an adjustment but unfortunately they only allowed 2500 and to think that i have a running bill of 4000. Point is, leaving the facebook and twitter – like apps will continue to eat kilobytes. ouch! They never thought customers on how they can control Iphones to eliminate unwanted internet charges. Saddistic bastards! Just found how to take snapshot of whatever you’re doing on iphone few days ago. Cool! Any one on game center? 🙂

  8. OMG. Now I know why I am getting high bills from Globe… my Apps which are accessing the net are not fully closed, hence it was eating up bandwidth…

    Thanks Chico for sharing!

  9. i didn’t know this until now! ALL my apps are running! this explains why the battery drains so fast. thanks for the tip!

  10. Hey Chico, I wonder if this applies to Ipod touch 3rd gen too? i tried it but nothing happens, it just brings me to the search page..

      • This is brought about by iOS 4.0 update which introduced “Multitasking” for fast switching between apps. If you haven’t upgraded your iOS device to 4.0 then this shouldn’t bother you. In earlier iOS versions, it terminates the app upon clicking the home button. =)

    • I was about to ask the same thing. I have a 1st gen itouch. I guess what zoantharia said to us applies. Mine runs on IOS 3

  11. Actually chico some of those apps their are bookmarks or safe to say recently opened apps. only the most recently opened apps are using the phones resources and i think apple called it multitasking so you can switch from apps to apps. 😀

  12. thanks for this.. as expected a lot of my apps are running in the background.. any way to properly close the apps without going through that process?

  13. maraming salamat, chico. akalain mo lahat ng apps mula ng binili ko ang Ipod touch ay nakabukas. no wonder na mabilis ma-drain ang battery ko.

  14. All along i never do this thing but i dont encounter any problem with my phone including battery life?? Try ko na rin to be belong..

  15. wow! thanks for this info chico! same thing happened to my iphone, it just died and had no idea what to do. i sent it straight to service centre and of course, all my files got deleted. this is a very good tip. i never knew that i wasn’t closing my applications properly.

  16. Wow, thanks for this (very) useful tip, Chico. I had no idea (that the app doesn’t really “close” it when you press the “home” button). Thanks also to boss Cherry (I assumed it was her?) and Sumi. (=

  17. hey chico,
    pls. post a lot of useful tips (like this one) for iphone 4, i must admit i havent really know a lot about it,
    theres no useful manual

    thanks thanks

  18. I had the same experience too, last tuesday…my ipt just died and won’t open. My brother got it running again the next day. Apparently, he knew what to do even before I got so hysterical about how will I revive my I-pod touch. He just wants to scare me…and he did a good job.

    Thanks for the info.

  19. To anyone wondering about this feature of the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.
    It is and only available on the said devices with IOS4. All devices with older OS firmware versions would not have this multi-tasking feature. And yep, it drains your battery and eats up on available RAM. Just my 2 cents on the topic.

  20. wow! im realy amazed.. nice one chico! :)good thing i checked on your blog.. ive got a new iPad and was checking on the apps that you’ll recommend.. 🙂

  21. Galing Chico! Thanks so much! dami kong friends na natulungan dahil dito. Nagmukang matalino pa tuloy ako! LOL

  22. hi chicco. i have ipad. tried pressing the home button twice but it just took me to search then back to home, may mali ba akong ginawa?

  23. Thanks Chico! No wonder my phone is slow sometimes. I got apps which I last opened opened summer of 2010. Geeze!

  24. good thing i read your blog. i was still waiting for my SUPERSURF subscription from GLOBE because i can’t close my social networking apps. I really don’t know what is happening with their service but I’m really disappointed and thinking to switch to other network. Anyway, your entry will help me to stop them from charging me after they suggested that I shift to KB browsing which is more expensive than what I am using. Thanks a lot and more power.

  25. How will know the iOS version of my itouch? When I press the home button twice, it doesn’t give me anything.

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