32 comments on “New Zodiac Signs

    • this is sweet, really. my bf is libra and am a capricorn. di kami compatible. i still have to check the new arrangement of signs if sagittaurus and virgo are compatible. at dahil di kami compatible sa western astrology, we follow the chinese nalang hehehe

  1. nakakalito ……gumulo lang lalo.i will stick to my original zodiac because i was born a VIRGO.and besides, hindi match ang personality ko sa bagong sign ko.

  2. Dati akong leo tas ngayon naging cancer na, may kasma pang horoscope na sinasabing “wag masyadong magmahal dahil pag nasobrahan magkaka-cancer ka….sa puso” 😀

  3. hi chico
    could you post all the apps you like in iphone4 ;>
    i might havent downloaded it yet..or you have many to recommend ??!!??

    thanks thanks

  4. i am now supposedly pisces, was aries before all this hoopla. hmm…my personality fits aries…although i don’t really read daily horoscopes anymore…RAT na lang kaya? Hehehe! Chinese horoscope pala binabasa! oh well, do you like your new one? so does that mean because of this realignment our personalities would change too? weird!!!

  5. Some people said that the changes for the Zodiac Signs will only apply for those who were born 2009 onwards. I am not sure though if its true. I think this was one of the headlines in Yahoo din. Pero, basta LEO forever ako.

  6. Pano na yung mga personalities associated with the signs? I am so not Cancer kung babasehan ang personality. Leo talaga eh…
    Naku pampagulo lang to. Pano na yung mga elemental stuff? hindi na balanced! 🙂

  7. I have a question to the theory, though I will research on it as well. For now; “the Earth “wobble” around its axis” – I thought they thought that the world was flat. Was Galileo ancient time? Wasn’t he the one who believed that the world is round? Hmmmmm.

    Nonetheless, I am a Virgo and a Rabbit born. I checked other personalities, I’m very much insync with the signs I just mentioned.

  8. I heard about this yesterday. I wonder if the Chinese zodiac has anything to do with it. Most probobly not but while I was reading the article about it I kept thinking, “So, am I still a rabbit or what?”. lol

  9. ako from Taurus to Aries. from being earthly humble to flagrantly artistic :))

    in other news, HINDI naman daw totoo na magbabago ang assignment mo.

    in gist, there are two schools of thought, sidereal astrology and the tropical zodiac. Most likely, we have been hearing about tropical zodiac readings, as this is more common (based on the Earth and Sun’s positions relative to the stars).

    So no, it hasn’t changed for most of us. i hope people will find some comfort in that. 🙂

  10. I don’t really care, Chico. Just like what you said…

    “Of course this would only be of consequence to people who believe in astrology and who regularly consult their horoscopes, since many faiths, especially Christians, don’t subscribe to this esoteric discipline. ”

    What you said. 🙂

  11. I don’t OUR zodiac signs will change. I read somewhere that the new zodiac will only apply to those who will be born 2011 onwards. Will have to verify.

  12. i think astrology is bull and a great waste of time.
    Please watch this interesting documentary where Oxford University professor of evolutionary biology Richard Dawkins consider Astrology as an “enemy of reason”.

  13. whatever you think will bring you harmony, will likely bring it on. We’ll always look for things to explain why our lives are turning out the way it is. The stars maybe one of them.

  14. I just blogged about this too….I was kinda dismayed to go from Scorpio to Libra but then again my whole life I have been told that I don’t have the sting of a Scorpio and I think at least that’s good.

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