19 comments on “Monsters In Singapore (Day 4 + Recap)

  1. What a great series of entries on your Singapore experience. I never had the chance to go up to the bar on top of MBS, but will definitely go there!

    Btw, look at the kid at the back riding the Mummy with you guys, deadma lang din sha. hahaha. 😀

  2. i’m sure the SG rushers would really love to see you guys specially those who attended last year’s EB at Cafe del Mar (part 1) and the pre-departure coffee (part 2, hahaha) at the airport.

  3. Wow! Really wow! I like the the picture of Delle and Puss in boots. Puss is beautiful! And seems to be enjoying Delle’s hug ;o) Was Danielle already crying in the Mummy picture? Seems like it. And Gino seems to be in pain ;o) Tight grip from Danielle eh? I enjoyed your Singapore series. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing your SG trip! It was obvious you all had a great time! Ang kukulit ng pics nyo. =) Just wondering how you took the last pic, dark surroundings nga ba? clear background and you were clear..thanks!

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