34 comments on “Monsters In Singapore (Day 2)

  1. it’s a really fun place, i visited it 3times last year.
    everytime 1st time visitors from manila would come over, it has to
    be included in the IT. i already know where the camera is on the
    mummy ride and i’d smile while the one beside me is freaking out.
    but i wasnt able to take a photo with the streetboys. my husband
    gets mad because i have a little crush on nicko manalo..haha! you
    took nice pics, it shows how happy the place is 🙂

  2. Hi Chico – Those male Egyptian bodyguards are actually
    Filipinos. One of them scared the hell out of us during picture
    taking and later approached us when they were done with their
    “shift”. They’re actually friendly when they’re out of they’re
    character. So this might be soemthing that can make delle feel
    better 😀

  3. Very nice photos. I love the mamasa-masang mani, though it
    reminded me of goat’s first before I read the description. I love
    the photos too with all the chocolates.

  4. It was definitely one heck of a FUN day, Chico! Wish my colleagues and friends would have such a fun day.

    Wait! Did I read it right? Reese’s is heaven then there’s WHITE chocolate Reese’s?!!! Damn!!!

    Your food is sssooooo….. shhheeessshhh! Makes me want to have bacon this morning! I so understand Gino, which by the way, maganda lang talaga kuha mo Chico or Gino’s becoming gwapo from being cute? Uuuuyyyyy…

    Glad you guys had soooo much fun! Recharged na ang RX team for a 2011 blast! ^_^

  5. oh poor danielle! that’s why i don’t like theme parks, I always end up crying pero not hagulgol with hikbi like danielle.

    looks like you all had fun!

  6. Chico, did you know that you could actually buy those “basang mani” in groceries? It is braised peanuts that is packed in cans. Most restaurants in Singapore serve that kind of appetizer.

  7. chico , i hope you won’t mind if i will get a copy of my favorite pic among your pictures. I am sharing it with a friend working in London.

    Thank you for sharing. =)

  8. And Danielle caught you talking about her hagulgol moments in your show!

    You really should’ve taken photos and/or videos. Not necessarily for public consumption, but for her to see how she might’ve looked like. :p

  9. go gino! haha just had to comment on the breakfast because i do have the same thing everytime there is breakfast buffet! keeps me happy ü

  10. Wow looks fun… Hey Chico when are you gonna update your podcast with delamar at iTunes?

    Please greet me my name is Zaldy and I’m from Guam. I listen to your show thru podcast only and you guys are funny…


  11. You didn’t go to Garrett Popcorn shop? That is by far the yummiest popcorn I have ever tasted! And it’s one of Oprah’s favorite things!

  12. just want to share the mani na malambot and mamasamasa is acutally peanuts cooked ala chinese adobo.

    and there are only 2 puss ‘human’ in US Sg and they’re both Filipinos.

    • oh you mean the weird sounds? haha we told the story and gave a short sample on air! but the actual bangs are on the day 3 post.

      • By day 4 I solved the mystery and found out that Bangs and The Avatar from the mummy ride are the same person/creature/thing/spirit/algae and it only comes out during exciting situations and only in Singapore, at least I’m hoping. Fingered crossed.

  13. Wow. Will visit the place next time I go to Sg. Kaya lang I’m hesitant of the rides, baka mag a la Danielle ako.

    Totally understood Gino’s preference, which is exactly my husband’s choice whenever there’s free breakfast at a hotel.

    Can’t wait for Day 3 and Day 4. Parang TARA. =)

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