41 comments on “Monsters In Singapore (Day 1)

  1. I was part of the Cebu Pac group. We met up at the Centennial airport at 4am, for our 6am flight.

    Did you mean you were part of the PAL group? ^^_

    By the way, the radio one jocks were crazy! Emo-type of crazy sometimes, but awesome-crazy in general.

    Glad to have you back. 🙂

  2. hahaha funny ang wacky pose mo chico! natural na natural grabe tawa ko :)) and the picture of rico with the giant yellow pussy 😀

  3. huwaah! Chico, you are so funny! Ang saya nyo! Seeing all your happy faces and all your stories made up for all the lonely mornings without you on air 🙂

    Welcome back!

  4. I was crying from laughing too much because of your “visual” definition of “wacky”, Chico!!! My goodness!!! At least in the group’s wacky photo, you definitely stood out!

    Can’t wait to read the other days of your Singapura trip and check out the photos. Marami pa din bang wacky shots dun? Hahaha 😀

  5. Chico, seeing your drug-induced-deranged-orangutan photos is priceless. Thank you for sharing. I almost fell off my chair laughing =)

  6. chico masyado mong kinarir ang wacky photo.. hahaha nagtampo ung antok ko kasi mas nangibabaw ang tawa ko sayo! 😀

  7. we miss u guys.. good that you are all back!.. fun to see your crazy pictures.. nice to see that you all enjoyed your vacation! u guys deserve it! 😉

  8. i love the photos!!! i am based in singapore and it would
    have been a super bonggang moment if i had the chance to bump into
    you guys!

  9. Hay grabe, Chico! You make me laugh any time of the day. Panalo tlga ung wacky shots mo, effortless! Wala atang hndi matatawa sa yo, matamlay talaga ung poses nila. I’d show this to my daughter later even if I don’t want to give her ideas; I’m just sure this will make her laugh her head off. Thanks!

  10. and all these were just on your first day? WOW! you really must’ve enjoyed yourselves in SG. inggit ako. hehe… good for all of you guys!

    can’t wait for the next blog entries on this one!

  11. Chico the wacky poses were super funny. but having you described the wacky pose was damn right hilarious. i could not stop laughing here sa office.

  12. grabe, nabulunan ako sa wacky pose part! kuleeettt!!!

    how i wish nasakyan ko din ang mrt n sinakyan nyo, papicture sana ako..fan much? hehe..wish i could have met you guys personally, ang kulet lang ng RX djs! 😀

  13. it looks like u really had a god tym there..kainggit nmn! ahehe!! you’re so COOL CHICO..and nkakarelate ako sa jokes mo..specially with that yellow pussy huh..kulit! kaya pla pag tune in ko last week wala kau eto pla un!!!

  14. maiba lang.. hehe. nakaka-tibo si danielle!!!!! hehehehe. pero si rico robles, parang ang sarap titigan pag tulog!;) sana makapagtrabaho din ako sa SG, yoko na rito sa hk. hehe. help naman, SG rushers!

  15. You walked from Sim Lim Square to Orchard?! Whoa! My first time to see the faces behind the RX team (well except you and Del, that is).

    Silent rusher since the 90’s and with the same student number year as Del’s.

  16. Chico… YOU THE MAN!!! Panalo ang wockee shots mo! Now that’s what i’d call the perfect definition of a wacky pose! I read this blog this morning at work and my colleague went, “Aiyo, why you laughing so hard? What so funny? You go crazy oredi, lah!” Two thumbs up, Chico!

  17. Loved your wacky pics. Si Delle, pa-tweetums. Love her! 😀
    I also liked your subway shots. Ang cute, favorite ko yung pic nyo ni Delle tapos may guy na naka-smile sa likod. Gawain ko kasi yun eh. 😀

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