33 comments on “RX Is Off To Singapore!

  1. i’m base in SG and I can tell you that the weather changes in a day. It can be so hot in the morning and then rain real hard in the afternoon or vice versa. So do pack light clothes but bring a jacket wiht you just in case it rains!

    Have fun!

  2. Enjoy-enjoy lah!!! You guys deserve a break! Ate May will be leaving messages here and in your Twitter account Chico. She’s there in SG 😉 Asahan kong photos and blogs from you 😉

  3. Hi Chico and the rest of the gang.

    Im staying here in SG for almost 3 years now with my family.
    Yes it’s hot and very humid in the morning and raining hard in late afternoon…as in malakas na ulan ha.

    Shorts and light colored shirts will do. Bring a jacket is also a must.

    Yes, everywhere you go is wi-fi accessible.

    Hope to see you guys because since my college years, i’ve been a follower 🙂
    Will miss you (listening to you using iPhone application) every morning on our way to work…my husband and i enjoyed listening and laughing with you.

    You can send me email if you need anything 🙂

    Enjoy SG!

  4. Wow! RX is so shashaaalll!! Yup, it’s hot in the morning then heavy rain by the afternoon/night. Sg is a wifi city so I’m sure you’ll really enjoy. Sana my meet & greet w/ Rx listeners and/or rushers!

  5. @Anna which application are you using? Can you share please? So I van listen to RX while on the road. I’m a fellow SG rusher 🙂 thanks

  6. Hi Chico,

    I’m working here at SG right now and the weather here changes everyday, just like today. It was so hot in this morning but at around 5pm it rained like as if there’s a storm.

    Have fun here in SG. I’m a huge fan of the morning rush and an avid listener for 10 yrs now. I hope I’ll get a chance to see and meet you here. Please…. sana nga my meet and greet.


  7. Weather changes suddenly like real sunny now then after a few minutes it’s raining hard like there’s a storm. Just bring regular clothes like polo shirts as it’s usually humid and NEVER forget an umbrella, always have one ready. Enjoy Chico!

  8. hi chico and the rest of rx peeps,

    ive been working here in sg as a programmer.. i dont know if you recognize my name though im an avid listener of morning rush and been following almost all rx tweeter profiles. i even replied to your tweets a couple of times wishing you’d RT

    do bring umbrella, rains here are unpredictable lately.

    i would suggest that you buy the tickets online for if you plan to go to Universal Studios especially if weekend. Swerte nio you can enter the casinos for free, we residents have to pay a hefty entrance fee of $100.

    i also also suggest that if you are going to take the MRT, get the EZ link card… kasi its more practical and cheaper than getting a ticket per trip.

    restos, must try Marche.. its at 313 Somerset mall… good fresh food with a lot of options :D.
    also the restos at Dempsey road are good.

    sana nga may meet and greet.
    its been more than 4 yrs since i last set foot in RX booth / office. 🙂

    I hope u enjoy your stay here in singapura!

  9. scorching hot during the day and pouring really heavily by noon! light clothes and a jacket too 🙂 meet n greet please…. enjoy bistro amigo at funan mall esp baked oyster with spinach 🙂 marche is always an option too! or hawker food for change. enjoy sg guys!

  10. Hi Chico!!!
    Welcome back to SG!!!! Sarap naman ng treat ng RX 😀
    Im working here in SG, just like your other fans said, please do bring an umbrella as it usually rains in the afternoon.
    For food you probably want to try Lau Pa Sat, there are lots of variety of food to choice from.
    Sana if time permits, magkaron kyo ng meet and greet sa sg fans.XXXXWishingXXXXX
    Anyway enjoy your stay here in SG.

  11. shucks, sana makasalubong ko kayo, paautograph sana, hehe..
    hindi kumpleto ang araw ko kapag
    hindi ko naririnig ang mga kalokohan nyo ni del, hahaha!
    more power to you guys! 😀

  12. Hope you enjoy the trip. I’ll definitely miss listening to you guys in the morning but I’ll still listen to the podcasts. I just love your station, you all deserve a good break.

  13. It would be nice — nay, it’s imperative — that you have a meet & greet with your SG-based listeners! 🙂 Please please please? 🙂

  14. Happy that you another set of photos to share to us from your travel and adventures. Sad because I miss you both Del in the Morning Rush. Morning is so different without listening to you guys.

  15. HELP. I recently moved to sg and I can’t figure out how to tune in to TMR. I’m using an iPhone and I wonder if that might be the problem. Streaming requires media player?

  16. I can’t wait to see the pictures!!! Your talent has exemplified my taste buds and I’m very eager to see your posts. I may not be as vocal as the other Rushers and I don’t usually comment on topics but like many, I’m one of those RXTMR junkies who smiles, laughs then LOLs alone on when driving, drinking coffee, jogging or strolling.

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