38 comments on “Fireworks “Art” (2011)

  1. really nice pictures! good thing no stray bullets on your place. we had the scare of our lives when a stray bullet entered our bathroom on new year’s eve. good thing nobody was hurt. happy new year chico!

  2. LOVE THE SHOTS, CHICO!!! (All caps talaga eh!) Especially the colorful ones na parang flowers in the skies.

    I soooooo envy you! I was hoping to capture some shots as well of fireworks in our place but instead I got my asthma attacks due to all the smoke from firecrackers! Oh, did I mention my province is Bulacan and to be exact my parent’s place is in the heart of Bocaue, the fireworks capital of the country!

    Again, great shots, Chico! Galing!!! ^_^

  3. Chico – as always – I’m amazed with the photos that you take. Last year’s Fireworks photos were amazing – so when you tweeted that might not make it on time to your family’s get together – I was disappointed. Buti na lang talaga – hinintay ka nila. :D.

  4. Wow! Amazing Amazing Amazing! that’s all I could say! What’s your settings?!? Grabe!!! Inggeeeet! 🙂 Great Job as always Chico! 🙂

  5. Wow, the pics look like they replicate galaxies and nebula. Kind of reminds me of what you’d see from the Hubble telescope.

    Were you using prolonged exposure for these shots? Gotta love the light trails…

  6. Hi Mr. Chico..ngsshoot din aq pero beginner pa lng..how did you that? can you give me some tips..plss…new year nmn..by the way im a rusher too.:D

  7. Hi Mr. Chico..galing ng mga shots mo..penge nmn tips khit marami ok lng..hehe happy new year..by the way im a rusher too.

  8. nice pictures, chico…. just wondering how long and shutter speed na ginamit mo to took this wonderful pictures of fireworks??

  9. amazing! great! exceptional! awesome! excellent! brilliant! incredible! stunning! wonderful! fascinating!.. wow! thanks chico for showing this and sharing your Gods gift talent to all of us! God bless u more! 🙂

  10. Hi! Mr. Chico Garcia! Ill just want to ask permission that ill be using your firework image as my credit card design. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you. 🙂

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