43 comments on “Old Booth (iPhone App)

  1. oh chico! you look like vic sotto in the “angry hippie”…i guess you can pass for a “sailor”…love “70′s gigolo”…mukhasim “biff” nice nice!! love you chico!

  2. Oh my gosh chico! This is ultra hilarious! What have u been doing? Lol.
    My 2 personal favorites are the sailor and military guy. The templates fit u well. More!! More!!!

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  4. Hahahaha kaloka. in fairness ang galeng ng pagkakadikit ng mukha mo. I like the gigolo and sailor. Yung coy exec parang nakakaloko yung itsura. Yung girl, parang transvestite lang. hahahaha

  5. awesome….awesome photos….mind tickling photos that would make you LOL hahahahhaha. dashing man in uniform is ssssssssssssooooo cute,hipster poet is cool too…..

  6. while im typing this…i couldn’t stop laughing.wapak na wapak ung girl pic mo chico…panalo!!! bow ako ky chico garcia.

  7. Chico,

    “lord-knows-what this is” pix can be changed to you as Weng-weng! Hahahaha! Thanks for making me laugh! I love your show!

  8. Dude, you made me download the stuff, had a laugh with my own creations. Let me suggest for you to get the latest Infinity Blade for Iphone 4. amazing.

  9. panalo! nakakaaliw tignan mga facial expressions mo. curious din ako on how will delamar look like pag turn nyang itry ito.

  10. oh my goodness! You are really really crazy!!!…………………………………………just like me. But this time you under-dosed your pill buddy.

  11. I got the same app chico, but when i try it me it’s not as cool as yours. Meaning Im not as adorable as you..sad!

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