8 comments on “The Top Ten Lessons Learned From Ondoy

  1. awwww…. I remember that day…. Sad experience pero maraming kaming natutunan… Na alala ko pa yung itsura ng bahay namin after ondoy, and the whole marikina city *sigh* But still I’m very thankful because God save my family back home, and thank you to all who help me and my family by donating foods, clothes, money and everything they can donate. On behalf of my Family. THANK YOU EVERYONE. God Bless you all, Thank you for all the prayers.

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  3. i like 11, 19 and 25.

    this is not really about ondoy but frank was still devastating esp in iloilo. my family lives there

    my mom and my ninang lined up for relief goods when all the time they never let us feel we need/ed to. we’re not rich but we live pretty nicely so it was humbling when my mom told me this.

    my family also learned to invest on our house’s second floor.

    oh, also, after frank, i think the iloilo city govt learned to finally finish (if not rush) the flood diversion project.

    there were also good things that came out of the experience. my family was able to get a nice dining set sold on bargain because it got wet from the flood and my dad finally bought a big (flat screen) tv after forever of dealing with 24 inches. sounds materialistic but it was nice to know that my family back there (still) lives well.

  4. re: #30 — me, too. well, kind of. our bus was stuck in terrible traffic and i had been holding my pee for the past 3 hours or so. i remember even ‘holding back’ on my exhales, lest i suddenly pee. what made it worse was that we had entered NLEX, and there was absolutely no spot “dark and hidden” enough so i could do the deed. when i couldn’t take it anymore, two kind ladies and 1 guy from among the pasaheros volunteered to get off the bus to accompany me while i tried to pee by the muddy NLEX shoulder. imagine having to squat and keep your feet from getting buried in the mud, AND doing that with traffic just a couple of feet away. i don’t even want to imagine what i might have exposed… hay, torture.

    of course, i’m sure, a lot of people suffered worse.

  5. Hi Chico. I was wondering about #5 – “Car insurance applies to brand new, not to second hand acquired cars”. I work in the insurance industry and second hand cars can be insured.

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