20 comments on “The Top Ten Best Compliments You Ever Got

  1. 1 and 27 are my fave! anyway, i hope you can post some more of the top ten.. being in the office in the morning makes me miss the other half of the list :(..

  2. reminded me of my late father when i heard him say to a four year girl “si ate katkat mabait yan kaya mahal ko yan”

  3. I was lucky to have a husband, who never fail to say everyday, “Tama na yang pagpapaganda na yan. Halika rito’t yakapin mo ko.”

  4. At Pink’s Hotdogs in Las Vegas, I ordered for a beer. The cashier asked for my ID to see if I was legal to drink. My friends all laughed when they saw me handing her my ID and she was smiling when she returned it back to me –I was born 1974! Nyahahahaha!

    #27 was moving…great job!

  5. i dont know but it feels nice when girls crush on me or like that, then knowing am gay hahaha

    (this is about compliments so i’ll just keep on as i need an ego boost hahaha, excuse me, chico ;-))

    some people in malate once thought i was a foreigner (i can pass for an east asian hehe) even my chinese singaporean ex asked me if i’m sure i’m full-bloodied filipino haha

    my chicago-living cousin and my australia-living cousin’s wife say that with my english, i can go to korea even if they mostly take english-country natives

    i have a phone english student who went on a vacation and waited for his old schedule with me to be free before studying english again

    best compliment i ever had was when my professor passed to me the thesis-advising work he had to do for a group of students from a different major, albeit, the same batch as mine. he was furious at their thesis and them and asked me to help them fix it. he again asked me to help another student for his thesis a year after i graduated.

    the posts are very nice, by the way hehe

  6. i was introduced as a new employee by the boss, an officemate exclaimed loudly “ang gnda nman nyan, paa pa lng, mukha ko na!”

    walking by the manila baywalk, i was invited by a group of korean businessmen for a drink saying that i look like a korean celebrity.

    a japanese guest at the hotel i was working, brought out his camera, handed it to the filipina japayuki he was with and ask if he could pose with me. the japayuki was appalled and took the picture grudgingly.

  7. this is my favorite top 10 by far. i was expecting egoistical, self-assuring compliments, but most of them are just touching and struck a chord in my heart :’)

  8. i can relate with #1..
    it must be really flaterring to hear such words…
    my ex-bf’s dad told me “i like you, hija” the first time he met me. he said i was the only gf of his son who treated them like i didn’t care about their status in life.
    4 years later, we were still able to keep in touch and this time he texted me:
    “sana ikaw na lang ang naging manugang ko…mas masaya sana ang anak ko.”

  9. Took care of an 84 year old Alzheimer’s patient who doesn’t remember anything but her own name. She told me before my shift was over, “I don’t remember you, but I remember how you’ve treated me very well.” Best compliment a nurse could get. 🙂

  10. It was when a band manager ask me while we were in the eleavator… BM: Rockista ka ba mukha ka kasing nagbabanda eh, gusto mo bang tumugtog sa gig namin?…
    I don’t play in a band at all nor play any musical instrument except harmonica…

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