14 comments on “2010 RX Holiday Stick-On

  1. Hi Chico (and Delamar),

    Thank you for being uber accommodating to me and my son. It was his first time to have his picture taken with celebrities and I’m happy that it was with you guys…

    I’ve been a silent rusher for so long as I can remember, and it was my wife (a converted silent rusher as well) who popped the idea that we have the picture taken with you. Again, thank you for being so warm and welcoming…

    @Del: my son is gawking at you…it his reaction when he sees a pretty lady…Guess kids don’t lie 🙂

  2. Congrats dude. it’s my dream to meet up with you and delle. hopefully, when i get back to the Philippines and during a stick-on as well.
    Your morning show touches so many lives. you rock man!

  3. Hi Chico! Thanks for posting the pic. We really got MONSTERIZED! Star-struck pa rin upto now. 🙂 Thanks to Hazel Hottie for putting on the sticker kay City. 🙂

    See you sa future stick-ons!

    More power RX!God bless.

  4. Missed the second stick-on for this year due to too many blog related events. I wish RX can host the stick-on in either within Ortigas to Makati area.

    Can’t believe I’m missing a lot of RX events. 😦

  5. hi chico!

    im the pregnant lady with my husband( we’re both in red) at your rx stick on in tiendesitas. I gave birth last dec 15 finally!:) i asked my friend to tell you about it on air however she can’t get thru the line. anyway, advance merry christmas to you and del 🙂

    my baby’s name is eurii ammiel trasporte
    just for the record of your newest fan 🙂
    i’ve been a silent rusher for about 10 yrs already.
    more power to you and del!

    Milan Trasporte

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