19 comments on “Ay, Phone!

  1. i’m waiting now for my n8. honestly, you & delle were 1 of the influences why i’m getting it. anyways, enjoy your new toy!

  2. OMG I’m so jealous right now! Hehehe. I love your inside stories Chico. I feel like I’m closer to you whenever I’m reading one of your blog posts.

    Btw, N8 and iPhone? Grabe kaaa!:D

  3. Congrats Chico! Welcome to the crazy world of Ay! Phone 4! Hehe.. Me and my husband are always on it, it’s like we dont feel the need to use our laptops anymore! Lol

  4. I also got mine last week 🙂 It is wonderful, the camera is excellent 🙂 although i heard there are already rumors that iphone5 is on the way na.

  5. hi chico. enjoy your new toy. as what my singaporean office mate purported, the iphone, as a “phone” is not the best. But as a tool to waste time, is precisely the best!
    load it with more apps and you’ll see yourself dawdling… lol

  6. Hi Chico,

    I had my iPhone4 a week after it has been released here in UK. It’s really, amazing and lovable.

    I’m not an expert but I can troubleshoot iPhone4 problems its quite similar to iPHONE 3GS that I had for some time. Hehehe…

    Anyway, have fun playing with it.


  7. congrats on your new toy! paparaffle mo na ang n8 for chrimstas? or pwede ring wedding gift. hehehe.

    aside from skype, try downloading the viber app. you can call your friends who are using the same app for free, even when abroad.

  8. Turn off the 3G and Cellular data always or it will cost you a lot. Turn it on only when you need it. As I see in the picture posted, it’s turned on.

  9. welcome to the “ay! phone 4” club!

    it’s funny that you had your own damnyouautocorrect experience, just a short while after you shared the damnyouautocorrect.com website. would we be seeing your entry there? :))

  10. There is an apple fever here in Singapore more than 600,000 iphone user to date. Because of network war making it affordable to everybody, for as low as SG$300 u can have it postpaid SG$56 monthly. Free incoming call, 12GB free 3G, not only that SG is wifi everywhere. This is the only reason why i am enjoying my stay here in SG. Online anywhere, anytime of the day. Chico welcome to the exciting world of Apple. Cheers!!

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