26 comments on “Rich Herrera & Rich Hardin Of TARA 4

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  2. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! esp Herrera!!! Can you tell him please that I’m good with people with ADHD? Mahal ko na sya!!! =) Thanks so much Chico for this post! 🙂 (Well, for this blog, actually! hehehe)

  3. ahahayyyy… my heart is melting ♥

    chico, when you & delle said you were going to have *amazing* guests (before delle slipped.. “ang mayamang hardin”).. i was so excited! nakakaaliw sobra yung interview nyo! 🙂

    thanks for that fantastic interview w/ the two richards and thanks for sharing this in your blog! can’t wait to watch the finale tonight. GO TEAM PHILS!!! :*)

  4. nice to see they grew more hair, 🙂

    i hope and pray that later tonight ill sleep very very happy knowing TEAM RICH WINS!!! (please let them win)been a big fan of TAR and TARA for a long time

    and i hope you and delle will join TARA next season, hahaha woould be so much fun

  5. Finally! Congratulations to team Philippines for winning TARA! I’m so happy for you guys! Good job! I hope they can guest again at TMR!

  6. Richard and Richard your the first team to arrived and you won $ 100,000 us dollars!!! w0ot wo0t ! They w0n !! so happy 🙂

  7. ayun eh..the pose of Delamar was extraordinary…when chico asked astroboy to take another shot for safety, astroboy told them to be wacky..seems like delle was the only game at that time..ahehehe…good job delle!! 🙂 ahehehe…

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