11 comments on “Nice Covers

  1. I couldn’t agree more that Sam Tsui got some power voice there BUT his reactions while singing are kinda OA. It’s distracting. I saw one of his covers in youtube too, I think it was Hey Soul Sister. He’s good but again, the facial expressions were distracting me.

    Darren Criss… *swoons* (slaps self to reality) sorry about that. I agree again with you, Chico that he’s a performer. That’s a way better video and performance than the older one which he has quite puffy curly hair (which is his trademark daw, btw). He writes songs too. Have you seen their theater and parody version of Harry Potter? It’s in youtube too. He wrote most of the songs there and he played Harry (with his trademark curly hair, of course).

    I heard he’s coming here in our country THIS month!!! Can you and Delle invite him in RX or in Fran’s Concert Series… pretty please? 😀

  2. I’ve been a fan of some youtube sensations lately and Sam Tsui’s one of them.. but I don’t like that mash up except for the Firework part.. my favorite, of all the covers I’ve seen and heard lately is his version of Just a Dream with Christina Grimmie, another sensation who ranked 15 among 50 artists in the Billboard. so much better than the original. check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2RA0vsZXf8

  3. hey chico!! you should check out Sam Tsui’s cover mash-up of Love The Way You Lie / Dynamite it’s really good, also his duet of Nelly’s Just A Dream with Christina Grimmie. i think much of the credit goes to his producer Kurt Schneider for arranging the songs though. =D

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