11 comments on “My Favorite Cartoons As A Kid

  1. Hi, Chico! Herculoids is my favorite, too! I like Gloop & Gleep the best. Their picture is what I used as my Facebook profile picture… I guess, this dates me, too… c”,)

  2. feels good to take a trip back down memory lane, when everything was so simple and uncomplicated. And my whole world revolves on X-MEN. Hehe.

  3. Oh yeah those were good times. Your post made me revisit some of my faves: The adventures of Gulliver, Speedy Gonzales, The Porky Pig Show, and of course, The Wacky Races. Thanks to YouTube and you, I had a good time again ;o)

  4. That’s it!!! It HERCULOIDS!!! We’ve been debating about the name of that cartoon show one time when my friends and I were “recalling” shows we used to watch when we were kids. We have younger friends kasi that are really below our age bracket that couldn’t relate.

    Gees. I miss those days. Simple days. Maaga ako magigising pag Sabado at magbababad na sa TV to watch cartoons. Channel 9 itong mga ito di ba? Kasama ng Galtar ba ‘yun saka ng Challenge of the Gobots? 😉 Which I believe came first ba sa Transformers?

  5. wow cool hindi ko alam yan mga yan.. na alala ko lang sa lahat eh yung wacky races, moby dick at mighty mightor yung iba hindi ko talaga alam… nice post

  6. My gosh, my gosh!
    Mighty Mightor! That’s the only one here that I recognize. And I have already forgotten his almost all my life.
    Thanks Chico for bringing the memories back. =)

  7. You know, at least half of these cartoons, I have also watched as a kid. And I remember I was in Dumaguete then, so that would be at least before I was seven. Not Herculoids, though. but Sealab, and Superfriends, Wacky Races, Moby Dick… Yeah.

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