48 comments on “Funny Pinoy Signs

  1. ayoooooooos! I realy love seeing humorous signs and photos. Perfect way to end the day. haha. and it’s snowing na here in wordpress. =)

  2. Hi Chico, I am one of your blog lurker and this is the time I’ll send a message. I have one photo which we took from Baler, Aurora. I thought it was funny. I just didn’t know how to send it to you though. Anyway, I like this post. Very funny!

  3. Sa 4th pic, naalala ko iyong famous movie na “para kang carinderia na bukas sa lahat ng gustong kumain”…..hehehe…..:D

  4. Is it me or is the snow screwing up the Firefox?

    The “Toilet Rolls” pic is obviously not from Pinas. One, we call them toilet paper not rolls, and (b), the prices are in Rupees, or more likely, Rupiah because toilet rolls are found and sold everywhere in Indonesia, even in taxi cabs.

    I also saw one similar sign about the “During the Menstrual Periods” sign in a temple in Bali. You’d be hard-pressed to put that sign in a Philippine context, no?

    Just sayin’. Not being (God forbid!) nega.

  5. these signs are totally hilarious!! as in! LOL!! may mga nakita rin akong mga nakakatawang signs pero di ko nakunan ng picture; sayang. gawa ka pa ng part 2 chico! thank you for making my day!

  6. ahahaha funny pictures… Meron akong nakitang sign sa bangketa na nag titinda ng belts as in sinturon. pero ang nakalagay sa sign senturon yung katabi nag iba pa ng spelling centuron. pag kalagpas ko napaisip ako ano ang tamang spelling? ahahaha na confuse ako bigla.

  7. grabe, sobrang funny this post. di ko lang ma-gets yung “no entering during menstrual periods”. saan yun naka-post? and, in what situation prohibited to enter yung mga may period?

  8. i love!!! made me laugh in the boring part of my shift hahaha anyway, i dont have pics but maybe someone would read this comment and that someone happened to have pictures so it’s up to them to send it hehe

    bread pitt (some where in cubao)
    manok ni sr. pedro (sells roasted chicken) (maybe not so funny but how redundant can you be? hehe)

    now i remember, there are some funny signs in my boarding house and near where i live. i’ll take photos and send them.

  9. Chico this is insanely funny! I was laughing by myself, giggling, couldn’t get over the “secret” prizes too! Maybe I should start taking pictures of funny signs I see and send them to you – whenever in this lifetime that happens. HEHEHE! Thanks for posting this. Sure made me laugh out loud!

  10. My Gosh Chico! You got me there… My laughter reverberated in the office and some of my officemates had to look in my cubicle. I super needed the laugh and thank you for giving it to me. : )

  11. there are tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time. thanks for sharing, Chico! kahit pinasakit ng post na ‘to ang lalamunan ko 😀
    ‘bakit, hinihithit n rin ba yung kangkong?’ wala pa ring tatlo sa mga banat mo, Chix! hahaha

  12. Hi Chico,

    I always follow your blog, but this one really cracks me up. My favorite? “the egg sandwits”

    Nice one.

  13. HAME EGGEN CHIZ for the win! lol.

    that one’s new for me. i have some posted in my blog too chico, if you want some more fart-inducing street signs. haha!

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