6 comments on “Road Accident Along C5

  1. My husband and I were wondering too why it was traffic on the South Bound of C5. And, on a Sunday! We came from Ortigas to Eastwood and saw the horrible traffic that people had to endure on the other side of the lane. I pray the passengers of the SUV are safe. I hope all the drivers will keep in mind that they are not only responsible for their own lives but to others as well.

  2. Hopefully the passengers made it.
    That particular Oro,Plata,Mata scene gave me traumatic thoughts, too. Up until now I am specifically horrified w/ Japanese violence esp during war w/c are often presented in old Filipino movies.
    Years ago, on my way to work, I saw a railroad accident when an old man on a bike got hit by a train. I was shaken for hours and it was just a relief to learn later that the man survived.

  3. Hi. been following your blog just this october lang. i’ve been in one of those car accidents and in the driver seat nonetheless. My mom’s face was literally shattered and she had to undergo several operation not to restore her face but to restore breathing and eating function. I had a knee fracture, my sister had a broken rib and my other sister head grew so large, at that time i couldn’t even bear seeing her thinking she’s gonna die any second. my 2 year old got only scratches , same with my 2 month old other daughter. My father who has just finished his 6th chemo session got a minor cut on his hand. At that time, I was just really thankful but months after the accident I was diagnosed with post-trauma stress disorder. And yes, everytime i hear an ambulance , i say a prayer for whoever is in there.

  4. My God I saw this accident too! I was driving to Metro Walk from Cainta when I noticed the heavy traffic jam. Then I saw the sirens and I thought “NOT AGAIN!” That particular flyover really has something about it. A schoolmate of mine from DLSU died there earlier this year, it was on TV Patrol. He hit the lamp post and the impact was so hard his bumper hugged the lamp post and the engine popped out of the hood and fell down the flyover and hit a cab. He died on the spot.

    I really do hope the driver and the passenger/s of this SUV make it. Let’s all drive safe!!

  5. Chico, everyone please drive safely. We lurve you , Chico. Can’t bear the thought of anything happening to you. You are part of our lives and we wouldn’t want a single hair of your head harmed.

  6. I and my workmates also saw this tragedy too. We saw this incident on a bird’s eye view since we are here in Transcom (if you look at the building on the right side of the picture above. We hope and pray that all passengers of this vehicle make it.

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