38 comments on “KBP Golden Dove Awards 2010!

  1. hey chico! 😀

    congratulations to RX! (esp. to you and delle) m so proud of rx. you all deserve it!
    i just saw you and delle on tv patrol, they reported abt. the KBP awards.

    u nd delle looked good on tv,btw. 😀

    again, CONGRATS!

  2. congrats!!! when i read that rx won the best fm radio station sa yahoo, i immediately checked your blog, pero wala pa sya kanina… congrats sa morning rush!!!

  3. Chico and Delle, congrats!You’re unbeatable. This truly makes me proud to be a Rusher. Delle, you’re as pretty as ever.I’m proud to be part of TMR.

  4. Hey Chico,
    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it. I have been a silent rusher for 6yrs now i guess. I wish I can visit you guys in your studio before I fly to Abu Dhabi. Anyway, Keep it up guys!
    All the best.

  5. “YAN AND DALANG SWERTE NG BANGS NI DELLE..” -el_dente. That’s funny. L0L! Anyways, congrats! You guys deserve it! Delle looks puh-reeetty, btw! More power to you, guys! I’ll never get bored listening to TMR. It’s, like, the best radio show ever! 😀 Salam.. 🙂

  6. yey! i am so proud of you guys! 🙂
    you deserve every bit of that award! especially morning rush! you guys are so funny! :)you never fail to brighten up may day.. 🙂 thanks guys! 🙂

  7. Congrats to the rx team esp you chico and delle! I’m still a rusher even if I’m thousand of miles away! Missss u guys! Talagang to infinity and beyond! 🙂

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  9. congrats guys, i am a silent rusher since 2000, i am in Dubai now, before i couldnt leave Philippines because i will miss listening to Rx but when i found out that i could listen to you tru net well here i am, i only listen to the podcast though because morning rush airtime here is 2am to 6am 😛 hope to see you when i get back home 🙂 more power 😀

  10. hi chico, i have been a listener of rx since the 1990’s, that’s how how long i’ve been listening hehe… can’t help myself but i have to congratulate you guys (the whole rx team) for winning the awards, you truly deserve it. I really love listening to you guys esp. in the morning, i can’t help myself from smiling/laughing while driving when listening to you and delle! again congratulations! keep it up and hope you guys stay on air forever!

  11. Congrats to Chico and Delle! After years of hardwork and sacrifices, you guys finally got the Golden Dove award. Congrats also to the RX DJs and team! Keep improving! 🙂

  12. Magtatayo ng kayo ng bird sanctuary nyan RX…
    Haha, malamang may bitter na station (as always!)

    Ang ganda ni Delle, ma-cheekbone pala siya…
    Congrats TMR! Naku, gawin nang taon taon ang pagkuha nyan ha… hehe 🙂

  13. Finally! 🙂 Congratulations. I am so proud of you and Delle… This made my day. I am sure a lot of us feel like we are proud parents – beaming, teary-eyed individuals who are just ecstatic of what you received. You never stop making our day (and night) bright.

    One bird down! An aviary to go! =)

    — Love, love, love from somebody who’s been a Rusher and will ALWAYS be a Rusher. =)

  14. galing kami kahit simple tao lang kami ordinaryong tao pero pag pasok namin sa work morning rush agad kami automatic na sa radio # 1 botton pa sa car stereo basta kaming lineman ng miescor builders inoporated (M.B.I) Ut-132

  15. Congratulations on your win! I was not able to send my congratulations that day. Anyway, I know you post the Top Ten lists in chronological order but maybe you can make an exception for the Top Ten Knock knock jokes which was featured the day after your win as the Best Comedy Show. It was really funny so I want to share it with my siblings who were not able to catch it. It will be a great and funny list that could make everyone happy as we start this year.

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