55 comments on “Strange Fruit (3rd Anniversary)

  1. strange fruit kay ganda! the last person who thought about that slogan recently resigned from his job… lol! congratulations

  2. happy anniversary chico for this awesome blog of yours.. i truly enjiy reading ur entries and my day seems incomplete if i’m not able to read your entry.. hope you won’t get tired of sharing your thoughts and insights with us, it has been enjoyable for me =p keep it up

  3. chico congrats! i love reading your blog! :)since nung nasa Pinas pako and now OFW na. keep it up. wag ka magsasawa magblog and hindi rin kami magsasawa magbasa 🙂

  4. Happy 3rd anniversary Strange Fruit! Chico, may your Strange Fruit stay as the freshest and most delicious fruit in the WWW. Your avid and soon to be avid readers are always looking forward for the latest on the most popular blog site, so, keep posting!

  5. hey chico!

    congratulations on your third year of blogging! it is always refreshing to read your blog and take a peek at your mind. i like your writing style and i look forward to reading your opinions.
    i hope you don’t get tired of blogging. looking forward to more posts!

    may the MUSES always be at your side!

  6. hanep. ang tibay mo! “,).. hinog na hinog ka na. congrats! i love your blog so much! youre one of the few that makes me really laugh out loud just by reading lalo na yung mga korny yet intellectual na mga banat.. naks. kulit mo kasi pitasin kita diyan e.

  7. you’ve touched lives, you’ve made people smile and you’ve made hearts realize their untapped moments. 3 years and getting stronger. happy anniv.

    i havent been able to DL TMR’s podcast, i see no more updates in iTunes lately.. blueritz is on hiatus?

    just a suggestion Chico, i think the time is ripe for you to have your own domain like chicogarcia.com or strangefruit.com

    or has it been taken? (i checked chicogarcia.com and it redirected to http://www.kw.com/kw/
    while strangefruit.com is taken)

    you could still feed your posts to wordpress though while having the liberty of your own domain name.

    what do you think?

    PS: could u plug*3times* my blog too in your show? (hahahahahahahaha!)

    please say hi personally to DELLE, she’s gorgeous!

  8. happy 3rd anniversary to our virtual relationship, chico! hahaha! i love reading your blog- you’re like a best friend who also share my love for– cameras, cats, Mac stuff, travel, food… except, you write a lot better and make kwento better than my REAL besty. 🙂

    keep on writing!

  9. i can related when you said that sometimes blogging keeps you sane cause some days it’s the same for me. i’ve never been much of a writer but i have millions of thoughts running through my head so i thought blogging would be nice.
    congrats chico! keep up the good work. 🙂

  10. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I’ve been reading your blog for 2 yrs. now. I must say, checking your blog has become part of my daily habits. Thank you 🙂

  11. Hi Chico! Congrats to your blog!:D.. BTW, nice photo! That is Sisiman Bay at Bataan, right? CL people really love that place, been there myself. I’m CL5 alumni, I hope I can shoot with you someday. 🙂

  12. Congratulations, Chico! I’ve been a silent follower of your blog, but I start every weekday listening to you and Del, and in the office, I read your blog in the morning. Thanks to you both for greeting me on air on my birthday this week. Here’s to many more years of the Strangest Fruit!

  13. happy 3 years and more to come…
    it’s quite informative your thoughts especially those places you’ve been. More power

  14. Happy 3rd Birthday Strange Fruit! Thanks chico for all your weird, inspiring, funny, witty, and insightful thoughts. and salamat din sa pag she share ng mga beautiful photographs, yun ang fave ko sa lahat =)

  15. Happy 3rd anniversary Strange Fruit! Before my day starts, it’s a habit for me to check out this wonderful site. Looking forward on your future post and keep on writing.

    Congratulations Chico! =)

  16. congratulations to the best blog in the universe. o ayan, binati ko na. narinig ko kasi sa radyo panawagan mo kanina sa tmr. 🙂

  17. happy anniversary strange fruit and master c! its been a habit visiting this blog. keep it up!

    (namiss q tulog magblog…)

  18. Congrats strange fruit!(Not so strange for me though..it’s my and my late dad’s fave)…It’s my first time to visit today and I had a lot of catching up to do…Love all your entries..Been a silent rusher for the past 15 yrs…

  19. Happy 3rd year anniversary of Strange Fruit and Congratulations to RX for winning the best FM station of 2010! Congrats Chico and RX!

  20. Happy Anniversary! I love reading your blog. Always looking forward to new posts esp. top ten. Never fails to make me laugh.

  21. Tsk, tsk ang plugging kanina. Hehe. Happy anniv sa blog, Chico. =)

    Now, off to see Delamar’s armpit feature on youtube. =)

  22. hi chico, para maiba lang…
    i don’t want to congratulate you for 3 years of great blogging.
    i don’t want commend RX for being best FM station this year.
    i don’t want to admit that you & delle had me in stitches especially in today’s knock knocking.

    listen to what i’m not saying =)

  23. Happy 3rd anniversary Chico! Toddler na si Strange Fruit. Congrats as well to TMR for winning Best comedy program. More power! (as if kelangan pa) 🙂

  24. happy anniversary chico! this is also my 3rd yr being a full-time mom since quitting my 11-yr-old job (w/c introduced me to RX and TMR). more power to strange fruit. my 7yr-old is kind of liking your blog (of course, under my guidance) and i wish she picks up your eloquence and wit. and i’m already introducing this to my 2yr old. talaga! 😀

  25. happy 3rd anniversary! it’s so funny how you announced it on air. your blog is one of the blogs i visit everyday, nakiki-feeling that i know you personally. haha. congrats and God bless!

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