8 comments on “Thailand 2010 (The Conclusion)

  1. ahahahah!!! yeah ayos!!!! really enjoyed reading your blogs chico…mas na enjoy mo pa ang thailand in the days that u were here compared to me na almost 4 years na here! hehehe nainspire ako dun ah! thai patience really amazes and annoys me at the same time..on our way one time to pratunam..we spent an hour and a half in the bus because they do not do like overtake? they’re like my students..no matter how hot the weather or the sun is, if u tell them to stand still they will! amazing!

    is the last picture a lotus flower? symbolic ksi yan sa mga thai..

  2. Sorry Chico but the 12 inch uncut omelet looks like a poo. And what, no hands on the crocs mouth? =] You take good pictures by the way. I enjoy reading your blogs. It’s addicting. Well done!

  3. katawa yung mga sings lol! pero mas nakakatwa yung pose mo sa elephant it’s like you saying “hey how can i get down safe?” kainggit…

  4. sobrang hilarious ang mga kwento mo Sir! .. panalo ang uncut omelet mo 🙂

    now I miss Thailand all the more .. waaahhh!!
    next time, pwede mo kong kuning tagabitbit ng bagahe mo Sir..

    nga pala, congratulations sa mga birds nyo! they are all so warm to touch 🙂

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