10 comments on “Videos I Like (The SEX Edition)

  1. Congratulations Chico!!! You have now ruined the song (dynomite)for me.. everytime I hear the song, I will always picture “dynamite boobs”.. lol

  2. omg! the dynamite boobs were so (awesome?!) and odd. the judge literally held her heavy (duty) boobs. though it can be used as a weapon. tsk tsk.. what size was she? cup Z?!

    the Amy G talent, that was so funny! i cant even imagine how her hoohah gets to whistle that loud! 😛

    More videos Chico! I know that you know more than these! 😛

  3. is she the same lady with the largest cup size holder? 38KKK. I’ve read it somewhere. those bouncies have tremendous power! di lang death by asphyxiation ang partner nun. hahahah

  4. it pains me to watch the 1st video. lalo na siguro kung bare-breasted pa sya. tsk. and she must have some serious back problems. hmmm, chico, curious lang ako kung anong review ang gagawin mo don kay dyhnamite boobs? i so love your creativity hwehwe…

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