11 comments on “Sareeraya Villas & Suites (Koh Samui, Thailand)

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  2. it looks to special! do you usually book straight to the hotel or do you also try the tripadvisor/hotel/agoda sites?

    thank you for sharing the photos!

  3. yung mga unang part ng kwento mo ng bakasyon mo sa thailand eh puro ulan, dark clouds – then i said, bakit kasi kung kelan naman november at tag ulan eh saka nag babakasyon, yun pala kagandahan non, mura ang mga rooms at solong solo ang resort, di matao. hmmm, ma-try nga rin mag bakasyon kapag non-peak season… I love the pix, yung last pix at yun pix ng very cozy bedroom =)

  4. I’m seriously dying right now looking at the photos. would you be able to email me some info regarding how much it was to stay there? how long is a good stay? ie 3 or 4 days? have you also tried El Nido – Lagen in Palawan? I’m thinking though that the accommodation at this Sareeya resort is so much better.

  5. Ang ganda-ganda ng place!!! Gloomy time pa ‘yan ha? What more kung really sunny!!! Chico, your blog entries of your Thailand makes me WANT to go back and experience it myself.


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