15 comments on “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

  1. WoW! First!

    I like the way they cut the movie into 2. First part the defensive part and the second part the offensive.

  2. I feel this is the best film adaption among the HP books. It wasn’t hurried. Emotions build in a more natural pace. I was a mess watching it. Saw it twice now and the 2nd viewing made the experience of saying goodbye to Ms Rowling’s opus more painful than the 1st one. Haaaay…

  3. agree with the comments above…just watched it again later with my friends and willing to watch it again and again!

  4. i agree with the emma watson comment… she was breathtaking in the scene where they had to destroy the locket horcrux. unbelievably sexy and evil at the same time when harry and hermione kissed… i’m gonna watch it again this coming Saturday 😀

  5. I don’t know if i liked it, it just felt sooo sad. Even the first scenes. I almost cried in a theater-full of people at Hermione’s first screen appearance. Maybe i have to watch it the second time. 😥

  6. It’s awesome. I should say I’m a Potterhead as well since I was in elementary, and now that I’m in college… it made me feel so sad that as I say goodbye to Rowling’s installments, its like I’m also saying goodbye to my childhood. HP7 Part 1 was great, and after watching it, just like you Sir Chico I can’t also wait for July 2011. Sigh.

  7. The problem with being such a big fan is that I already have a version (or versions) of how the book/film plays in my head. I would have loved to have seen Dudley redeem himself; the scene with Rufus should have been a more combative exchange…the list goes on.
    I loved their acting this time, esp. Ron’s at the tent scene–very impressive. And yes, I also wanted to scream to just “get it over with!!!!” 😛 at least the wait for the second part is not going to be that long (not long daw o!) 🙂

  8. We are going to wait painfully and sorely for eight months for the part 2. My wife and I were at the first screening on it’s first day… We almost cried at a scene involving a death of a very special character..

  9. Hi, agree on the fan & non-fan post… just want to share, when we watched it last Sunday someone on our back commented “ang oily naman ng mukha” referring to the CGI Hermione on Ron’s halucination… grrr… and then another comment burst on his mouth, “Ang tagal naman matapos”… Me & my wife just look at each other… hay!

  10. a few years back after owning HP book 7 i already felt sad because its the END… and this film made me cry i guess a few minutes even before you see the title of the movie flying on the screen, it was soooo heart breaking… for the two family (yeah.. even wen i saw petunia’s face.. still his Harry’s only family) and im glad to see hermoine’s parents but darnnnn… most of my fav clips was Emma’s scenes… she made this film best for me, esp emma and helena bonham carter, she is ridiculously sick.. i love her tho hehehe…

    its a great bday gift in july 2011 for me… we will all have to wait

  11. the movie was impressively done. i liked the part were hermoine narrated the
    legend of the deathly hallows, and the way they illustrated it. 🙂

    there were comedic scenes in the movie were i smiled and laughed… however,
    i, just don’t know why it still felt sad for me. perhaps, the fact that i was watching
    the last installment and i know that after these two movies…wala na. wala na akong
    ilo-look forward every year. hay.. bye bye harry. 😦

    nice review chico. as always!

  12. yup. kudos to Emma Watson. d only lacking for me was Daniel Radcliffe’s moment at d last scene. i kind of expected na magiging super intense un, bec for me, un ung mega dramatic in all of d scenes sa last bk. medyo nagkulang lang sa grieving. hehe. i really felt harry nung time na un. sayang, i wish they could’ve piga more of Daniel’s ability right there.

  13. im looking forward to seeing part 2 at the same time dreading for it because I dont want it to end yet… knowing that it’ll be over in months time makes me feel like my own wizarding world is also about to come to an end…

    I loved the movie, so far the best among the 7 for me… I’ll never get tired of watching it…

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