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  1. You guys “get” David so well. This whole article is BEAMING and makes me CRY because every word of it is SO TRUE!!!!

  2. I was never an Archie fan but when I saw him in concert I can’t help but just love the kid. He’s adorable! He looks “binata” now.

  3. can’t wazit to read your interview with david. yes, i too believe good guys can finish first – and this good guy is well on his way to fulfilling that promise.

  4. Thanks so much for this great article. David’s definitely the “real deal” and it’s refreshing to read an article where he’s appreciated for it. Love that he’s “fighting for positive messages in his music.” He’s got a great outlook on life and he counts his blessings. I’ve learned a lot from him. Thanks, again.

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  6. It really says alot about people who would choose to write a heartfelt article about David…in addition to the interview. Thank you for taking the time to express to us your feelings. To meet David is to know David…and to know David is to love David. His inspiration and his talent are really unmatched. He helps us all see life in a much more postive way. IT is quite amazing to hear the stories of how he has changed so many lives. David’s goodness will win!!

  7. Your words were so well put. Just reading it brought tears to my eyes. You see, for too many of us, David represents us…he stands up for what many teens, adults, children feel about life and want to make out of life. He is a light that shines as hope and love and beauty in this world. That is what many people today need! Thank you so very much for taking the time to meet David and share another great story about him. I, too, have met him in a private setting, and from the moment he stood before me until we departed, I was in awe!!

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  9. Thanks for the interview and I can’t wait to read the answers to the Top 10 questions. Once you meet you realize David is the real deal. Just an amazingly, talented singer/ songwriter…and a super nice guy. David’s new album “The Other Side of Down” really shows growth in David’s voice and music…it’s REALLY good. And I’m looking forward to listening to David’s Christmas album now that the holidays are here called “Christmas From the Heart.”

  10. I like how you put that, “cut from a very different cloth”. David certainly is, a refreshing and welcome difference. It’s always so terrific to read the glowing appreciation people have of David after meeting him, and I’m glad you got to see him. He truly is one of the good guys. Looking forward to your interview.

  11. yes, all of us fortunate fans who have met him at concerts and CD signings always talks about how he ‘glows’. He has a special light that emanates from within him. I believe only certain people see it – the ones who really get what he is try to do with his musical gift.

  12. Thank you for your blog post! I know that your heart is good because you understand and appreciate David. Everything you say about David is true. And yes – he practically glows, and he can light up a room and make everyone around him feel good. I’m glad you both got to meet him and I hope to hear your interview!

  13. Such a nice write up! Can’t wait to see the interview, though I have a feeling I know how it will go. David is just so down-to-earth and you all “get” him! And yeah, we’ve come to know that David will usually do his own thing (even though others may be encouraging him otherwise), but the awesome thing is that he does it so politely and without edge that nobody can be mad with him! haha Thanks so much for being so welcoming to him in the Phillipines! He is one of our national treasures and it fills my heart to share him worldwide. David’s positive message in his music and his spirit, surely can only do good things. Thanks again! 🙂

  14. Great article. I can’t wait for the interview.
    When I first saw David I was hoping that he wouldn’t get too far on AI because I was worried that Hollywood would change him. My daughter said, “You know, Mom, I really think there’s something about him that will keep him being himself. I don’t think they can change him.”
    She was right. He is so honest and good. He has his own little niche.

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  16. I’m proud of our local DJs! They see immediately how wonderful a person David is and do not hesitate to point it out so well. David IS a radiant beam of light and so much more. I’m looking forward to the full interview.

    Thanks so much, Chico. I enjoy listening to you and Delamar in the morning on my way to work. This article just endeared you guys to me a lot more. I love David Archuleta!

  17. Excellent impression of David, he is real, he is true. I became a fan not only because of his golden voice, but also because of his outlook in life. He is a good kid, good neighbour, good son, good brother, good citizen and excellent artist.

  18. cool! i was rooting for this guy on AI and have been following him since then. glad to know that you had a great time with him!

  19. i guess now you guys understand why we love and adore david so much… he’s one of a kind..good looking inside and out and yeah you’re right when you meet him in person there’s a glow in him i mean a light comin out of him.. i dunno what it is but gosh he’s wonderful and SOOOOO NICE ..i swear.. i dont wanna write the details but I swear he’s SUPER SUPER SUPER NICE and he kept his words too.. im sorry this is quite long just wanna wrap up by saying THANKS FOR THE ARTICLE ..very well said.. please keep us posted as to when this interview will be airing.

  20. Loved your insightful article…you seemed to “get” the David so many fans adore. That “beaming light” thing is something many have said when meeting him too.
    He’s not only “one of the good guys” but in a class of his own in that; he could “inspire” a thing or two in all celebrities, and certainly in all of us.
    I agree with the “rooting for David” comment…I say that all the time to people who don’t understand my “enthusiasm” for him….He’s all you said, charming, sweet, genuine, polite, respectful, introspectively aware, comfortable even in his “awkward” skin, and an amazingly, uniquely talented singer who touches our hearts…who wouldn’t want to root for him?!!
    Tks for the article; looking fwd to the interview video.

  21. wow, this is a really nice article! 🙂 you actually said what i could’ve told my friends! buong araw ko silang tinatry i-convince na sobrang genuine talaga ni david archuleta, pero sinasabi nila nagfafangirl lang daw ako at kaya lang siya ganun kasi celebrity siya. sheesh, those people. 😛

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  24. Thank you for the heartfelt recap of your interview with David Archuleta. It’s strange, isn’t it, when people are suspicious of goodness? I’ve found that most fans of David I’ve met either in person or online are far more willing to accept this characteristic than people in general, usually because they too possess it to one extent or another. Either you are drawn to light, or you are repelled by it because it exposes what you’d prefer to keep hidden. Looking forward to seeing the interview when its posted.

  25. Just listened to your EPIC interview! You guys are beyond awesome, I wish our radio peeps here in Canada “got” David the way you guys do.

    Appreciated all your thoughtful, interesting questions and the fun, relaxed way you both conducted the interview… it was more of a great friendly chat with a friend… love, love, LOVED it!!!

    Will put a link to it on our Canadian fansite (http://www.snowangelzz.com) if that’s okay. Thanks again!!!!

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