34 comments on “Meet Siam

  1. Chico – Siam is adorable. But I must ask you why you named your dog after a cat? I know – that you name your dogs after countries and you’ve just been back from Thailand. Anyways – I’m just trying to be funny and being a “female dog” – and I have my period – so don’t mind me.

    BTW – do you have pictures of your two beagles? Follow the website link and you will see pictures of me in my Facebook fanpage. I also have a twitter account. Good thing the iPad is great for creatures with no opposable thumbs.

  2. Lucky you, di ko alam bahay mo. Kundi, pagpa-planuhan ko na nakawin si Siam. 😀 sooo cute! 🙂 kelan binyag? LOL.

  3. SIAM is sooo adorable *handsdown*

    he doesn’t seem real! he looks like a stuffed toy, hahaha! 😀 can you blog about him more chico? i so love him na din 😉

  4. Hey Chix! He is adorable! I also have a poodle. I must say, they have a way of making you fall in love with them. Our dog Nikki, wasn’t even ours the first time she stayed in our apartment. She was my landlady’s dog. Every morning, she would scratch our door sorta like saying “knock! knock! your baby’s here!” My husband and I were newly weds then. We ended up begging our landlady to sell her to us. So now, Nikki is almost five years old and she has two human sisters by us. She will always be the ate of the house. 🙂

    I love Siam’s color! Where’d you buy him? Does he still have siblings in the store? He is adorable (I said that, didn’t I?). Heh.

  5. Oh! He looks like our dog “MEATBALL”.Same breed but color is brown. He’s like the bunso of the family. So malambing and so obsessed with my mom. He follows her everywhere she goes, even sleeps with her=)

  6. Oh Chico, he is beautiful! I’ve been contemplating of getting myself a dog too. However, it is different over here. I would need a dog sitter whenever I go to somewhere for a long period of time. If ever, I have my eyes set on a chow-chow. I look like a chow-chow ;o)

    D’accord, congratulations!

  7. Congrats to your new baby chico! I envy you for having the guts to add a new pet even if your so busy with everything…I’m a dog breeder too,,although I only got one bitch? a 3 year old shih tzu,,,extra income lang..hehe
    she just gave birth to a four cute puppies, and right now i’m torn between selling a very rare pure white pup or keeping it,,problem is we have a regular jobs and I don’t have Dog sitter yet,,

  8. wow your baby looks sooooo cute. and the eyes seems to speak a million things! i myself am planning to get a boston terrier soon. and to prepare, i even bought books on how to take care of puppies and i’ve been reading on boston terriers. i hope to find a good breeder soon.

  9. hi chico.. i have been visiting your site for quite a long time and I am amazed how much you adore animals.. I’m one of those listeners who laugh my heart out while listening to the Morning Rush (thank goodness for tints!)I’m glad you have a new addition to your growing family! You are one amazing person who can love

    anyway, while you are happily enjoying your new member to the clan, I just lost mine.. I am finding some people who can somehow help me and support me in grieving my loss..

    i know you don’t have much time, but please do visit my site http://musingsandturningpoints.wordpress.com

    Here you will find some letters to my little girl who passed away just recently (Nov 20, 2010) and left me with 3 week old pups..

    I really would appreciate some advice that you can give me how to get through this.. it’s been very tough.. crying has been my hobby..

  10. Dear Chico,

    Thank you for sharing this. Our family’s pet is a 4-year old male dalmatian and he’s epileptic. It breaks our hearts whenever we see him go through grand-mal seizures and we’ve come to a point of giving up. We love him so much but my dad has thought of setting him up for adoption or putting him to sleep humanely because the vet said there’s no cure for canine epilepsy. It’s something that we have to live with and it’s very scary when his epilepsy occurs.

    I do understand why my dad has thought of those things despite the fact that he loves our dog so much. Seeing his seizures is really terrifying and I never fail to cry in fear, horror, and pity whenever I witness my dog’s seizures. But since we took him to our home, we have to be strong for him.

    It’s been two years now since my dog’s first seizure and we decided to keep him and love him despite his condition. It’s like marriage: you have to love the one you get into your life, warts and all. In our case, nerve damage and all 😀


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