38 comments on “The World’s Best Roach Trap

  1. hahahaha… ako naman after ko uminom ng gatas o decaf coffee sa gabi…nagiiwan ako ng di lusaw ng asukal…kinabukasan 3 o 4 ang natrap…gross! kaya hugasang mabuti ang baso/mug kinabukasan…mainam din ang softdrink bottles…

  2. I swear I loathe roaches, too.
    I was laughing by myself when you poured alcohol on the drainage… Benta ka talaga lagi, Chico!
    I was also wondering if it will work on rats too, haha! This is the first time I’ve heard of such technique… Might as well give that Frap Trap a try sometimes.
    I hope your brother-in-law finds a technique on how to instantly kill the flying ones. Then, let us know if he does. 😛

  3. hmmmmn, nice idea but i wouldn’t try it. I have toddlers who really likes frapuccinos. Imagine them holding the cups and never giving a second look. I’ll stick with the alcohol thing. 🙂

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    • yes, this is, especially beer. now, so that they won’t escape from the container or eventually die upon escape, place cockroach gel baits inside. 😉

  5. I can’t say in words how I can relate to your dilemma, Chico. Ive tried the sugar-left-in-coffee-mug approach, it works too! but they can still crawl out sometimes, but nonetheless effective. But I must say, the “frap trap” is brilliant! hooray to the inventor!

  6. My super technique is scalding them with boiled water 😀 its chemical-free, and it supposed to kill all the germs 😛 plus you don’t need to clean their squashed innards off the floor.
    The story on the drain is horrific @_@ Perhaps you can try pouring boiled water down the drain. They’ll die instantly ~_~

  7. FTW ! I ❤ this blog. Very informative. :))

    Katakot pala si sir chico once he's declared war with someone/something. :-S all out. Para bellum.

  8. HOORAY FOR FRAP TRAPS!! this is one of the greatest discoveries ever! tnx to your bro-in-law. I hate cockroaches more than any other living creature on earth (aside from snakes, of course.) i don’t think they serve any purpose but to spread diseases. my biology teacher in college once told us that roaches brush themselves after they get close to humans. kapal!! if that’s true, ang kapal naman nila! ngayon, patay sila!! mag brush-themselves sila to death! hahaha!!

  9. natawa naman ako sa “shouting at roaches”, tsaka ung nagbuhos ka ng alcohol sa drain at naglabasan sila. LOL talaga!! i could just imagine…

  10. LOL on your “alcohol on the drainage” story.
    But believe it or not, dishwashing liquids like JOY are more effective than alcohol. As in, instant death to all roaches. bwahahaha!
    You just put a generous amount of Joy Ultra on a spray bottle then fill it with water. shake shake and voila! instant roach killer. works on spiders and ants too. i’ve tried it and promise, it works.

    BTW, was that you on Starbucks Araneta last Saturday.
    I really wanted to approach you and say Hi but I was so shy. I’ve always been a silent fan. =)

    • And shampoos, too! I’m thinking all thick, gooey substances are great roach-killers (kills in less than 5 seconds, faster than alcohol!), but I haven’t tried anything else aside from Joy and (Pantene) shampoo.

  11. I thought I was the only one who swears by alcohol! I find that isopropyl works better than ethyl too.
    The soap naman try liquid soap. Mix with a little water and you can put it in a squirt gun, have some fun while you’re at it (wag lang yung flying roaches omg… unless you’re a good shot!) Biogenic comes with a spritz bottle so i use that… also works with mosquitoes 😀
    Alcohol will always be my preference. When I use soap they tend to excrete yucky stuff during their death throes.

    Otherwise… I yell for my sister and run away fast.

  12. hahaha! i laughed so hard at the shouting part and pouring alcohol on the drain! 🙂

    i super hate roaches, too. what worked for me was the blattanex ala-injection thing. we don’t have roaches at home now, because of that. i have a toddler so i’m super careful with what i put at home but you’ll need just half a centimeter of that blattanex in every corner. voila! no roaches! (and no, they didn’t pay me to endorse them!) 🙂

    good luck on your quest for a no-roach zone!

  13. haha, chico! this one is a classic blog for me, and you know why! 😉

    i assume you’d never ever dream of becoming an entomologist. before i finished college in UPLB, i believe i must have dissected (the way HS students do it on frogs) over 100 American cockroaches (yes, the flying, reddish brown, smelly filthy ones) and made extra money by catching and selling them at P5 each for other students.

    i have so many thoughts on this but the best i can give is this. yes, this is an effective and innovative way to trap them. but i guess your brother must have discovered this one time he left a cup on a cockroach-infested area. which means, congratulations!… if you caught just one cockroach overnight, you have a relatively clean home at the time you did this and makes me conclude you may have a very manageable cockroach infestation level (written like a true pest control company owner).

  14. it’ll definitely trap/kill roaches. but it’ll also definitely attract ants.. LoL..

    funny entry though.. 😀

  15. Haha! I’ve tried it! I only caught two, though (but really fat, bloated ones). And guess what, I think the roaches in our house were kinda choosy. The first night I tried it with a pretty cheap brand (from a convenience store), walang yatang na-attract. Kelangan pa talaga international brand of frap.

  16. i suddenly remembered that old twilight zone episode, a guy trapped in a room w/ a mattress-ful of roaches. hay naku, ilang araw akong binangungot non. ikamamatay ko ata yung diri! lol..thanks for sharing frap trap, though. try ko to talaga.

  17. bwahahaha… funny story on shouting at the roaches and declaring war through alcohol, very lol!
    Have somebody tried muriatic acid spray already? I’m curious 😀

  18. i love how you describe things. how you tell stories. you have a wonderful gift. i can almost hear you scream like a 3-year old girl and see you jump on top of your toilet as you hollered for help. hehehe!

    i hate roaches too but i just can’t kill them! i would usually need a broom to smack them with or have someone else kill them. and the cleanup afterwards.. not fun and definitely not funny.

  19. i just came from an International Pest Management convention at SMX this week. i just learned from Dr. Lee Chow Yang, a distinguished expert on Cockroaches in Asia described that on his lab, the best roach trap is a jar with brown paper or sock wrapped on it. inside the jar, the surface must have jelly on its surface. the bait inside must be a piece of bread soaked in beer.

    wrap a crumpled or brown paper on your plastic coffee trap to assist the cockroaches in climbing to the top and surely, if there really are many cockroaches around, they’ll find their way to it. the plastic surface serves like the jelly already. better yet, try the best bait… beer on bread! 😉

    • where did you buy that brand? good and well-placed gel baits are the best cockroach control pesticide available today? not those aerosols or liquid sprays. 🙂

  20. hire a professional exterminator to do the job. had a lot of ants inside and outside our house and was worried that christmas will come so madaming pagkain at madaming ants din. now, wala na kahit isa. it works for roaches too. may warranty pa sila for 2 years, we paid 5K for the treatment of the house. sulit.:)

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