17 comments on “Thailand 2010 (Day 5)

  1. Chico – the pics look great as always. Just one comment – and I hope you and your fans don’t shoot me for what I’m going to say. Thailand is not Asia’s New York. I think Tokyo is. But Tokyo is the much more polite version of New York. In fact – they even have their own statue of liberty. Anyways – glad to see you made it safely back to Bangkok. I’ll definitely include Koh Samui in my travel plans for 2011.

  2. Chico, thanks for sharing your Thailand experience with us. I’m going to Bangkok on the 20th of November. I don’t think you mentioned the name of the ‘ The Shining’ hotel in Bangkok. Just so I don’t commit the same mistake, would you mind sharing what’s the name of the hotel?

  3. Lord, maybe chico was jst referring to the craziness of BKK..for him to say Asia’s New York? hehehe

    anyways…i was grinning like a maniac seeing ur pics chico..i mean..this is everyday food in thailand..you see it everywhere but when you talked about i felt like going out from my flat now and find the nearest street food stall w/c is lined almost along the whole side of my street here! hehehe…enjoy! enjoy! wow i felt like im with you chix! for you to experience all these here in thailand…ksi im experiencing these things din everyday.nice!

    PS–yeah! the hotel really sucks..ive been to a lot of budget hotels but the one ur staying in now really really sucks..wats the superior room like? =)

  4. Samui Airport is quite a “unique” place nga!

    What “motel” did you checked in?! Naku! Better avoid that place. Care to share the name of the “motel” para wala ng mabiktima?

    How long pa kayo d’yan sa BKK? If you want to shop pa go to MBK and Platunam. Malalakad na yung MBK from Siam Paragon. For me MBK is better than Chatujak kasi malamig na at di ka maliligaw (naligaw kasi kami sa Chatujak!) Halos same lang ang price, aircon pa! Platunam naman is near Central World.

    Sarap ng food noh? Linis pa kahit considered “street food”. If you’ll excuse yourself sa sugar since you’re in vacation mode, better try their Chai Yen and Lemongrass tea! Ayyyy!!! Sarap! Specially kapag ang init tapos uhaw na uhaw ka na.

    Hope you guys got a map from the BTS station. Libre yun para mas ma-explore n’yong BKK. I think mas memorize ko pang mga stops ng train nila than LRT/MRT here ^_^ Di ba obvious that I sooooo love the place? (4x lang naman ako nagpunta sa BKK!) Hehehe.

    Looking forward ulit sa next entries mo Chico! Enjoy!!! ^_^

  5. The Shining room was hilarious! LOL IT’s more like a bartolina than a “room”! Baka naman may ginawa kayong kasalanan kaya kayo nilagay sa bartolina? LOL
    How about the pictures of the “superior room”?

  6. opening your blog to see what has happened since your hiatus at the airport is one of the first things i did today. i was so eager to know how things turned out. in fairness, ang ganda nga ng entrance-to-the-restroom ng airport! kaso kawawa naman kayo sa naging hotel nyo sa Bangkok. i had the same experience when we went to Pattaya. our friends thought it was a great hotel based on their pictures on the website, but it was a totally different story once we got there. mas matino naman ng konti ung room namin compared sa super small room ninyo, pero in general, hindi gaanong maganda ung hotel. tapos wala pang free wifi. at ano naman ang ginagawa nung sink sa paanan ng bed nyo? LOL! well at least maganda naman ang pasyal nyo kinabukasan.

    sa dami ng followers mo, you need to write more. ’til tomorrow!

  7. you are seriously making me more and more excited about my Bangkok trip next year. Planning on going to Ko Samet or Hua Hin for the beach, then Bangkok. Hope the weather gets better there! Get home safe!

  8. Chico, so kawawa naman your hotel. We were there last year and we stayed sa Ibis Hotel at Sukhomvit, Soi 2. The place was new, nice people with porters, wide hallways, spacious room and breakfast buffet was great. That’s only P2,000+ per night. 😀 Enjoy your food trip. 😀 Kakainggit, I wasn’t able to do that. Takot din sa germs eh. haha! If there is one MAJOR, MAJOR vacation you will never forget, this could be it. Parang telserye lang. 😀 enjoy the rest of your trip! 😀

  9. try going to Khaosan Road which is a backpackers paradise. Most of the Western backpackers troop to this place. You can enjoy cheap beers or cocktail on the roadside or some bars that line-up the street. I tried eating the “scandalous” insects (I think it’s cricket and silkworm) being sold on food cart along the road. To my surprise, it doesn’t have a taste at all or should I say the taste is better than how the insect looks.

    We also frequent an Australian Pub in Sukhumvit Soi 11 with a Filipino band playing almost every night.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  10. @Lord

    i live in tokyo 3years until now and Ive never heard about statue of liberty here… would you mind telling me where is it and ill try and look

  11. hi! have you been to Apo Island in Dumaguete? One of the best diving sites in the world. Marine Life is superb.

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