11 comments on “Thailand 2010 (Day 4)

  1. Ok … I’ll include Koh Sammui in my travel plans – just so I can visit that airport. In an airport like that – who needs an airport lounge?

  2. Good luck sa inyo, Chico!!! You guys are still lucky really but like what I said in your previous post… all those sacrifices will be paid off later 😉
    Looking forward sa next event ^_^

    Btw, ang ganda nga ng airport!!! Thanks for giving me tips for my next possible trip 😉

  3. entertained talaga ako sa mga blog posts mo, chico! grabe, kahit stranded ka sa airport, masarap pa ring basahin. have you ever written a book? maybe you should. and please inform your followers when you do. enjoy the trip, despite the heavy rains!

  4. one thing i love about thailand…no matter where you are here..ke baryo or bukid or even the remotest area na akala mo nalimutan ng sibilisasyon…ang linissssssssssss ng toilettttttt grabe!and 7-11s everywhere..anywhere..wifi anywhere too! mas marami pa net hot spot sa thailand kesa sa US..if only id be given a higher pay i’d stay here forever! :)) updates chico!san na kayo now?wer na u? here na me! hehehe 😛

  5. Hey Chico,

    I’m a big fan of your work and this is the first time I’m commenting. Anyway, I love the decal that you have over your notebook, san mo sha nabili? hehe I’ve been looking for ages and still no luck, Maybe you can point me to the right shop? Thanks and keep the post coming …


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