19 comments on “Thailand 2010 (Day 3)

  1. chico, u should always bring your laptop with you when you travel. minsan lang to that we get updates from you every day. having fun with your posts! 🙂 nice to hear that you’re having fun albeit the weird weather. safe travel back to bangkok to you and baby whale (that’s what they call her dba?)!

  2. That was some legend on the genitals stones… of all things to remember them by :p
    You rode and elephant?!!! You had an encounter with elephants, Chico!!!!! I’ve been wanting to have such encounter, kahit hindi ride kasi same as you are, I feel guilty of the cruelty they could have been if caged… but I know I’ll have that moment of encounter something I couldn’t describe now. Soooo inggit!!! At ang ganda ng photos mo… sana ako rin may photos na ganayan when I have my “elephant moment” ^_^

    Enjoy Bangkok! Sana mag-Ocean World kayo sa Siam Paragon ulit! Oh and try to visit the Central World construction site. I love their graphic designs there 😉

  3. chico!!! it’s nice how you make kwento. tapos may pictures pa so we can imagine kung ano nangyayari jan. I agree, you should bring with you your laptop everytime you travel. 😀 pero, can I just say, ang payat mo na naman. you look better nung mas siksik ka. :p PROMISE! is there a way for you to cut down on sugar without losing weight? 😀 I wonder where you’re headed after this. enjoy!! 😀

  4. Great pictures (including the geriatric genitals!hehe) a 😉 I really love your travel blogs… and the quips you put into them… “…we got up close and personal to this sticky white liquid that is often associated with condoms” – Purely classic Chico quip… 😉

  5. Hey Chico, great (and funny) pics!!! 😀 Thailand is a place I want to go back to… have fun on your vacay and look forward to having you back next week too! 😀

  6. i think you should put that sticky white liquid that is often associated with condoms on top of lolo rocks…si lola rocks wet na wet..hehe

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