7 comments on “Thailand 2010 (Day 2)

  1. the papaya salad is also called som tum…or papaya pokpok…”pokpok” is the sound that u hear when they pound and mix it in the mortar…yeah it really is so spicy..they ground the chilli kasi..plus the spices they add! hehehe i felt like dying when i first tasted that too..its like u can’t breathe..and i thought i was being poisoned…after that i lived though.hehehe now its like maning mani to me…i eat it every week hehehhe 😛 ive been here for three years so im a little used to thai food..not always lng ksi nakakabaho ng hininga..hehhehe 😛 enjoy chico!

  2. enjoy your vacation chico! my, you picked a very nice hotel! i love the direct access to the pool from your room 🙂

    we miss you in the show today, but hey, you deserve that much needed break 😉

  3. i just watched earlier this cooking show of china conjuanco shot in thailand and i just craved for thai food – by looking through these food pix, lalo na ako naglaway hehehe – i want something spicy, tipong di ako pag susuotin ng t-back kinabukasan – anyways, i just loved the food shots =)

  4. Well documented talaga, Chico ah. more than 2 week had passed since my bday-vacation there in Thailand, di ko pa rin naso-sort or napo-post ‘yung photos ko… Hahaha! It pays na dala ‘yung computer talaga while the feelings and thoughts are fresh, write it, blog it!!!

    Enjoy! Looking forward to more photos and adventures n’yo in Thailand. You’ll be giving me idea one what could be my adventure next year 😉


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