7 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That You Have A Big Ego

  1. this is a nice list!

    i have a shirt with a holographic thing in front. one angle reads: boys rock. the other angle says: boys suck. (i think this is a (very) gay shirt hahaha)

    also, my friend met someone in Malate years ago whose shirt said: Sorry girls, but I’m a gay. – Being anal with grammar, I told the guy that his shirt is grammatically incorrect. There should be no article before “gay” because it is an adjective and there is no noun after the adjective. However, my English major friend told me that, now, “gay” can be considered as a noun, I think especially in plural form.

    seen on a shirt: chest part: life is hard. above the hem: so am i.

  2. gee this is my comment for the earlier preceding top ten. waaaah. sorry po. pwede po pa-erase nalang hehe. onegai shimasu!

  3. i get #6. ^^ i’m a teacher.. and i have no patience with anybody lecturing me, unless it’s about something i didn’t know, or haven’t studied yet.

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