11 comments on “Spoon Guesting Today!

  1. Watched it earlier at 6:30..thanks to ODH for reminding it via FB.
    Ang kulit ni Del, nasapawan nyo tuloy ang host. Si Del na iyakin di nagpaawat, tawa kami ng tawa ni wifey. Lalo na sa itlog mo…hehehe

  2. this guesting means a lot to me…kaya lang di ko napanood hahaha! very busy 3 days for inc members starting this 31st kasi. thanks for guesting in spoon, c&d!!!

  3. Hi!I just want to thank you and Delle for bringing joy to my life for the past 12 + years!I’m in California right now and I cant listen via live stream that’s why I download the podcasts and listen to you at night.It makes life here bearable for me cause I left my family and all my close friends back in Manila!Listening to you both makes me so happy!Thank you again!

  4. my sister and i were laughing the whole time…ang saya nyo panuorin. sana may part 2 pag-guest nyo dun. …cute naman ni cairo…hehehe spider dog? 🙂

  5. OMG! You guys were so funny ! Me and my siblings were laughing our asses out the whole time ! Dell was really emotional, but we can understand that. She’s been through a lot ( alam na alam eh noh! haha)

    Sana meron ulit guesting!

  6. i was browsing channels one boring sunday evening, and this came, boom! LOL show, ganda ni Del, and guys, can you post the recipe of what you cook on the show? Tenchu!

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