13 comments on “The Top Ten Lines That Would Look Good On A T-Shirt

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  2. The john lloyd shirt can be bought online sa shirts.ph

    i have the pakaplog shirt pero different ung meaning just: pandesal kape itlog, bought online din.

    One of my shirts says:

    di baleng pagod di naman bitin, with a picture of a rabbit 🙂

  3. I saw a shirt sa galleria with a print saying i heart ny.. But the heart has a statement, “love manila more than”.. So it’s “i love manila more than ny”. I wonder if thats the same shop where u bought chico’s gift…

  4. this is a nice list!

    i have a shirt with a holographic thing in front. one angle reads: boys rock. the other angle says: boys suck. (i think this is a (very) gay shirt hahaha)

    i still keep (and usually wear) my old anonymous (does anyone remember this store?) shirts. one says “boy toy,” another says “out of control” and the other says “friction powered: hands required.”

    also, my friend met someone in malate years ago whose shirt said: sorry girls, but I’m a gay. – being anal with grammar, i told the guy that his shirt is grammatically incorrect. there should be no article before “gay” because it is an adjective and there is no noun after the adjective. however, my english major friend told me that, now, “gay” can be considered as a noun, i think especially in plural form.

    seen on a shirt: chest part: life is hard. above the hem: so am i.

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