8 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That You Are An Obsessed Lover

  1. i have been keeping the first ever condom my ex greatest love used on me for seven years now. imagine how it looks now, all brown from the dry residue. i sometimes smell and kiss it too when i think of him. hehe.

  2. #15 – May kakilala akong ganito! Minsan hindi yung like niyang girl ang tinatawagan kundi yung mga friends na kasama nung girl, telling them what they wear and where they are exactly located para ma-convince sila na they indeed are within the guy’s (or psycho’s) vantage point. Creeepy!

  3. sa akin naman, my old cellphone, which is a nokia supernova phone, is in really bad shape now because there’s something wrong with the battery. i bought it last january 2009. but i don’t have the heart to sell it just because my ex’s messages, and my present boyfriend’s messages are all saved in that phone. oh and the sent messages too. i am a hoarder of text messages!! hehehe

  4. #16 – No name – I had my birthday at Manor Superclub, and I forgot to invite my girlfriend, but she showed up in front of Manor holding a red rose while wearing a creepy dress.

    I don’t think this entry is about being obsessed. I think it’s about biting you in the ass for not inviting your so-called girlfriend to your birthday party! What kind of a jackass ‘forgets’ to invite his own girlfriend to his party — more so, his BIRTHDAY party??? Hahahaha! Serves you right, dude! Serves you right! =)

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